Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mission accomplished!

Just back from the movie & I really need to rave about it! Cos the theatre is so shiok & seats are so spacious & comfy!!! The last time I watched a movie at West Mall was 2-3 years ago & it was still under Eng Wah - no crowd at all. Now, it has been taken over by Cathay & very crowded lor! (No chance to buy popcorns cos super long queue!!!) 

Once again, thank you Jeanelle! No more GV from now, shall switch to WM Cathay for future movies! Haha 

Perfect shots right? Oops! I only took a few shots for fun, 不要 "orr kong" 我 please! Lol

Despicable Me 2 is a movie meant for the kids leh, wonder why some adults go gaga over it huh? I don't really find the minions nor their theme song very cute leh! I only like the last part where they sing... "Un-der-wearrrr..."

But Raeann is very happy lah cos she's still talking about it now. 

As for Meimei, she KO 10 mins before the show ended! And she was wriggling here & there, up & down throughout the movie after eating, think she can't find her position to sleep! Haha, seems like she's not a movie person, like me!

Love this (Meimei's) top from Zara HK (i think so lah) bought by my Aunty (coll). It's the first time she wore it today becos she used to be super scare of flowers! Haha! But it's quite tight now, what a waste! 

Anyway, I've locked most of my photo albums on FB; some only for my own view, some only for family & a few (in contact) friends view (still slowly adding in though, must think & wait till I'm sibei eng). SO, if you're unable to view anymore photos from my FB, PLEASE DO NOT BE SENSITIVE & THINK THAT I BLOCKED YOU OK! 

I'm doing so cos I don't wish to be an attention seeker! As I said before, I'm not "craving" for "likes" when I post something. Since it's for my personal collection, I don't think others will be interested. 

I actually have the intention to delete ALL those that i did not contact at all. But I'm lazy, to even delete one, period!

Slowly slowly, I'll make my personal life really private, including this blog! 

Typical Cancerian; I still prefer to stay in my inner shell than risk meeting "frienemy". Old liao you know! 

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