Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Current Favorite Eyeliner

So it's limited edition in Korea, no wonder i cannot find it anywhere else, not even in HK!!! But i think Japan should have since this brand is from Japan! I know this brand can be found in SG too, but not this color; dark brown!!! I bought only one during my Korea trip cos I thought it's also available in SG. But I was wrong!! Weiling kept one for herself since I kept raving about it! 

I've never once claimed that i'm a nice friend/person. I'm anti-social towards people I don't know well. I don't take any initiative to contact my friends. I ignored people I dislike and give silent treatments to people over things I don't feel like explaining/talking (Cos I'm not so free! Anything wrong with that?). But three things for sure, I don't take people's kindness for granted and I don't take advantage of nor harm anyone. So thankful that she's willing to help me even when we don't contact at all after leaving sec school. 

Treated her to lunch around her workplace at NUS. So huge and messy inside sia, thank god for GPS, lolol. 

Becos both our souls are still in Seoul, we have plenty of things to chat about!!! Hope i can squeeze out a week or so next year to explore Seoul with her! 

2 set lunches to share!

Looks very plain but all the food damn delicious! And i got shocked by the bill! $15.80 ONLY, why so cheap??? Anyway, hope she enjoyed the lunch as much as I did! =D Catch up again soon!

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