Saturday, July 27, 2013


Ask Raeann to make the bed (almost) every Saturday. That's the only day we need not rush out of the house & ZY won't sleep till late noon. She knew how to pack cos she always see me packing. But blankets are still too big for her to handle, so that's the best she can do liao - 3 rolls of popiah blankets. 

That's consider very good liao cos her father don't even know how to make the bed!!! I remember asking him to do before and his reply was, "don't need lah, tonight come back sleep will be messy again."


That prolly applies for people staying alone with only one pillow, one bolster & one blanket.  My bed has like 6 pillows, 3 bolsters, 3 blankets & many bears. Don't pack? I cannot stand the sight of it! 

好就好到要死, 不然就一直打架!!! 真受不了! 

Side track: 昨天是观音诞, 我祈求我的两个宝贝不要一直打架, 希望她们永远健康, 平安和开心.

Ever since Raeann became 观音's god child when she was 4 months old (followed by Raechelle), we will be here during 观音诞, 3 times a year, without fail. 

Amused that they can be so happy over such simple thing - Jiejie carrying Meimei in different ways! And they were like playing this for 1 hour, while watching TV together! 

Raeann even ask me to go and rest/sleep (cos I'm having migraine now), she will help me to look after Meimei. But of cos, I never lah, I'm scare they will turn the room upside down & I'll have to pack their mess. That'll make my migraine worse, I think. 

Took these photo for my friends this morning, as we were talking about Meimei, I think? Forgot liao cos we have too many many many things to talk about. Haha! 

J passed me a very big bag of brand new Nike apparel (mostly jackets), meant for my two girls, but I can fit into most of them, lolol. J's working in Nike & I went to meet her for lunch last Thursday, meant to pass some lashes & glue to her also! 

A bowl of wild mushroom soup is what she has for lunch, everyday. OMFG! No wonder she so tiny lah! Olive oil instead of butter to 'bua' the bread, effing healthy sia! 

Don't think I'm a healthy food person, becos I'll end up craving for moreeeeee unhealthy food!

Raeann took a video to thank her! Be appreciative & thankful, that's what I always tell her! 

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