Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stress is coming...

Seriously have no idea how I can become so bo chup towards everything now... It's like I simply take everything so lightly now, even when it comes to the P1 registration for Raeann!!

The registration date is on this coming Monday and I have not prepare anything yet! I didn't even go & read about what documents do I need to bring for the registration!

Omg, where has my kiasu-ness gone to??? Why am I taking things soooooo lightly now? (Is it a good or bad sign?)

Thankful for the people around me, who reminded me about the dates, what to bring & etc. 

My mum plays a very important role in my life, becos her memory is much much much better than mine, despite our age difference. So she'll always be there to constantly remind me about this and that, sometimes making me real panic. Haha! 

Today, I just learnt that I need to bring either my Primary school report book OR leaving cert to prove that I was a former student, for the registration. 

I got so so so so worried during working cos I simply have no idea where did I "hide" all those stuffs!!! I don't even know where should I START my search! 

Was it at my old house? 
Store room? 
Top shelves? 

Thankfully, Guan Yin Ma po pi, I found it after searching 3 places!!! HO HO HO 

However, my report book is still nowhere in sight, same goes to my birth cert as well. Where are youuuuuu???

That aside, I'll search for it when I'm super super free! 

Now, I need alot of blessings from all the gods, po pi Raeann can get a place in this school so I won't need to go through all those unwanted troubles!! 

I'm trying this school not becos I'm a kiasu mum & I want her to be in this top Primary School (in Jurong). 

(Actually, I'm more worried cos I know how stressful it is. And if she's stress, I'll also be stress for sure.) 

But becos, I gotta admit, I'm a lazy mum, I refused to put in extra efforts and go through extra miles to find/enrol her into one Primary school. 

If I were to enrol her in other school, I'll have to go through all the balloting anxiety. 

Pray, praying hard that everything will goes on smoothly and she will have a good, fun & happy 6 years ahead. 

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