Monday, July 8, 2013

The child is innocent!

Check this video out -> Unnatural 3 - Episode 6

If you're a normal human, i'm sure you will be filled with anger and sadness after watching, becos this is totally how i felt.

I've no idea why would a person be so cruel to a child? Let alone, OWN CHILD? As a parent, would you go out & enjoy and starve your little one to death alone at home??? WILL YOU?

She blamed her child for her sacrifices. She blamed her child becos her husband left her after she was being caught in bed with another guy. WHAT???

So she decided to starve her child to death, no matter how her child begged her for food. The little girl was so hungry to the extend that she fed herself with newspaper. (She was only 4 years old btw, and this is a true story!)

My heart completely wrenched after watching. 

看了后,非常心酸,生气 & "mang zhang"!因为很想帮那个小孩可是已经太迟了。。。

A thousand questions popped on my mind. What did the little kid do to deserve all these? Does the mum even have a heart? Why why why why why!!!

Becos, as far as i know, all the mothers i know would rather starve themselves and feed their kids, no matter how poor they are.

Children; no matter how much they make you angry, how much they frustrate you, how much you have to sacrifice becos of them, they are gifts from god. Becos there are people out there, who are so dying to have one but they have none!

Once you decided to give birth to them, they're your responsibility and commitment for life! Think about the happiness and joy you get from them, doesn't it make up for the sacrifices you've made?

R.I.P little one, may you reincarnate to a better family, with loving parents for your next life!

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