Thursday, July 4, 2013

Too funny!!!

Feels very comfortable when i'm with them, i need not think before saying/doing anything becos they knew i'm harmless, i'm just being myself - blur. And also becos we are all the same (very 玩的起), so whenever we get together, there will be laughter the whole night through. 

They call me "ah zhu" or "zhuzhu", they said they're not used to calling me "Joanne". Anyway, how they call me is how my family & relatives call me too! Closer term in a way! :) 

At O Bar two nights ago! ^.^

Okay, i've something to confess. The photo above is my first photo-shopped photo - through an iPhone app!!! I only PS one of my arms though... Cos...

Original photo with ONLY filter! 

The next day, i realised, my arm looked so macho sia! How how how? My PS skill got pass anot? This is the best i can do liao! Heehee! Don't worry, in future if i got PS any of my photos again, i will confess one! I'm not slim so i won't act like i'm so slim when it's actually photo-shopped. 

11 years & counting, cheers to my "Happy Pill Friends". See u guys again, soon! :)

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