Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why am i sucha genius?

Wahahahahhaha, no lah, i'm just kidding.

But i did something and i'm quite satisfied with the result!!! I think i ever mentioned before, that i've prepared something for ALL Raeann's teachers (including the cooking aunties) for Teacher's Day. Besides her two main teachers who will be receiving a customized pencil case each, the rest of the teachers will receive...

The pens are effing cheap, think 3 for $2? But it comes in really ugly & rotten packaging (look below)...

So i decided to re-pack it! I bought transparent plastics to wrap it, added on a ribbon (which i took some time to learn & practice) & a customized "Happy Teacher's Day" sticker (i did it last year). 

P/S : Raeann did help with the re-packing! She needs to do her part since it's for her teachers. 

Seriously quite satisfied with my ribbons leh, cos it was so ugly at first. Then i went to search for tutorials on YouTube, lolol. You see, when there's a will, there's a way! Only you can help yourself! 

Nothing expensive since it's a gift from a K2 student to teachers but thoughts and efforts are priceless, right? (Even though most of the work are done by her mother; me lah!) 

Raeann will be celebrating her 6th birthday in her school, on the same day they celebrate Teacher's Day. So, i've another "project" on hand now. In fact, is two "projects" cos Meimei will be celebrating her 2nd birthday in her school as well. 

Some overdue photos...

  13th July 2013 - Licking Mac garlic chili as though it's sweet!

Sometime last week!

They wore the cap/hat/whatever you call it and asked me take photo for them on last Saturday morning. 

I see these photos, i wanna laugh. She was crying for the sake of crying, i-forgot-what-happened. When she was crying, i asked her to "wait wait, let me take photos". She knew i was taking photos so she continued crying for me to take photos. Then, after i was done taking the photos, she stopped crying and leaned towards me TO SEE IF HER CRYING PHOTOS NICE OR NOT! Really bth her! 

She saw playground...

Today's! And she LOVES school now! Cheerio my happy baby! 

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