Saturday, August 31, 2013

Raeann's new playhouse!

Brought the kids to PY's house this morning as the kids have been asking and asking about it. And know what?

Raeann wanted to stay over there alone! Omg, my daughter grow up too fast! Haha! We tried ways and means to "cheat" her to come home with us, but she insisted to stay, so yeah, she's there now! 

She's quite sut as it's her first time there! We refused at first cos we're worried she will trouble PY & K lah! But Alexis told ZY when he went to pick us up, "Raeann papa, please let Raeann stay here". Omg, such a sweetie, how to reject?! 

So we left her there lah and joined thy family for laksa steamboat! :) 

P/S : Really thankful to the husband cos he sent us there & picked us home. He said he's a good hubby & daddy to do that! At times lidat, I can't deny that he is lah! Heehee

PY cooked these for us! Yum yum! Sigh, I'm supposed to be on diet!! Haiz...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Of bits and pieces!

It's sucha breeze bringing her to school every morning becos she's so enthu about it, everyday can't wait to chiong in sia! Thank god she's not like her jiejie! =X

Her masterpiece from school, given to me last week! :)

Went for our breakfast after sending her to school today. Need to run some errands + order Raeann's birthday cake this morning! All done, sense of relieve! Ordered some tidbits from Meiji and it will be sent here tomorrow morning.

Raeann will be celebrating her birthday in her PCF school on the 5th Sept while Meimei will celebrate hers on her actual birthday - 20th Sept in her Little Learners Playgroup. Different dates and different schools, kids are so fortunate nowadays! 

My parents don't celebrate my birthdays at all when I was young (my mum said she was too busy), that's why I didn't see my birthday as a big deal. Hence, I will never understand why some people get so upset when their parents didn't celebrate birthdays for them. I don't have it all along, and I'm not upset leh? It's all depends on how you look at it bah. 

If you're a Jurong kias, you should know this Bukit Merah View Kway Chap located at Blk 493, Jurong West St 41. It's very popular and long queue! Have to wait at least 20-30 mins on weekends morning! Whenever I tag along my parents to the market on Sunday, I'll eat this, provided the wait is not too long. And hor, I just realised, the portions they gave when my mum's around are moreeeee...  And cheaper! Regular liao!

Yum yum!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yummy Thai Food Discovery

Jer discovered this little Thai Muslim food stall at the Pasar malam below Pioneer MRT, just beside the kopitiam. 
That day, we dabao-ed back once already & we kept raving about it so my mum said she wanna try, asked if I got go Pasar malam anot! 

Thus, deliberately made a trip there to dabao many many food for the whole family! <3 

The owner is very nice, he saw Meimei walking around, made her foot and shoes damn dirty (due to wet mud), he quickly took out a chair to let Meimei sit! 

P/S : Long long long queue! 

Tom Yum Fried Rice

Chicken Basil Rice
Tom Yum Soup
Their Tom Yum fried rice is quite good, Chicken Basil rice & Mango sticky rice also not bad. But their Tom Yum soup ok ok nia! 

When it comes to buying food home, I've this bad habit & I just realised that Jer has this habit too! 

We love to buy many many different types of food, but we only eat a little of each! =X

My mum grumbled, said she has to help me clear the balance food, always. And she grows fat! Hahaha 

Sigh, I wanna scream when I stand on the weighing machine after dinner just now. Instead of losing that freaking 1kg, I putted on another 0.7kg, fml! 

It's really high time for me to go on diet NOW. Time to quit snackings! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good stuffs to share + Giveaway

Just changed 4 pieces of tyre on my car, becos one of the old ones is even smoother than my face liao, haha. My dad's friend, whom is in this business, found for me the best of the best price. I don't know how much yet but it will be cheaper than outside, for sure. He told me "wholesale price", lolol.

Told him that I don't need any branded or chio one, can use can already, cheapest one can liao! Uncle's very nice lah, he drove my car all the way to Tuas to change it for me, just becos he's concern about the safety of my kids! *so touched*

Received my cosmetic organizer (from Korea) yesterday and I spent my whole last night cleaning & packing my dressing table. It's so much neater now, so happy! Threw away so much rubbish, lolol! 

This cosmetic organizer, despite scratches here and there and faulty panels (I'm just unlucky!), it's very good and practical! Save alot of space becos it can rotate 360 degrees! 

You may click on the above link to find out more if you're interested! :) It's on Time Sale at S$19.50 now!!! Thinking to get another one but don't know where to put? LOL

Seriously hope the kids and ZY won't mess up my table again. Very sian one lor, everytime packed nicely liao, then they will mess it, again and again.

My girls sure know how to enjoy their life. Early morning having picnic liao! LOL


Alright people, I'm giving away this brand new (in box) Elizabeth Arden 5th avenue miniature Parfum Spray to one lucky reader. 

  • In order to win, you just need to leave a comment with your email address. 
  • Winner will be selected randomly. 
  • Result will be announced on 31st August 2013. 

Okay, good luck! Have fun! Thank you for reading! :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Purer Skin Symphony

Sponsored Review

I'm honored! Thank you! :)

Stay tuned for the review!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wallace's 8th Birthday

Super tired after a short nap but we still dragged ourselves to CCK cos I promised Mel that we'll be there! When I promised something, I'll definitely deliver it! 

On our way to CCK, Raeann asked one sibei lame question, "为什么你们这样久没有吵架了 huh?". 


Isn't it a good thing??? Wah kao! Don't ask me why, cos I don't know why too. Just nothing to quarrel about? *CHOY*

When I lecture the kids, he keep quiet, when he lecture, I keep quiet, even when I feel that he's in the wrong! Will only talk about it when the kids are not around. 

Usually when I lecture the kids now, everyone will keep quiet. Cos they know that I won't throw my temper at them for no valid reason. And I'll only cane them when they make me very very very angry. 

Yes, in a way, my temper has changed for the better. I think I'm happy almost everyday, just tired. Can't be help when I've two super funny girls! 

One; everyday do & talk nonsenses to make me laugh and cry (she's applying lip gloss, she said she's doing makeup, lol). The other one; everyday do, ask and talk nonsenses to make me laugh and cry. LOL

Inside the car, I suddenly remember about giving angbao! Then ZY said, "don't need lah"! -.-

Reached CCK, asked him to get me one empty angbao, he said "no need" again. 

Then I bth, I whatsapped him, "can you kindly secretly get me one empty angbao, don't be so thick skinned can anot?". LOL

Harmony at home brings happiness! And I think it's true! 

Jurong Spring ~ One Community Walk

Woke up at 6:45 am to prepare myself and the kids for the walkathon. I did everything alone in super speed okay, no bathe, no makeup, just wash face, brush teeth, change, tie hair and rush out of the house. The husband was grumbling & nagging at Raeann all the way! LOL

Saturday, August 24, 2013

母女装很 weird 吗?

Before changing her, I've already changed myself in fact, wearing 母女装 was an impromptu decision. She took this clip and asked me to wear it out! (Cos it's heavy and her hair is too little to support!) Awesome! But of cos I didn't! Lolol

ZY bought this Stitch hair clip for me at Disneyland HK few years ago. Kept it in the plastic till recently, Meimei took out and play. 

Okay, this dress belongs to jiejie, got it for her when she was around 3+ years old and Meimei was about 4 months inside my tummy, if I didn't remember wrongly. 

So now, at barely 2 years old, she can wear it already, I'm very convinced that Raeann is sooooo petite now! 

Went to the baby shower for awhile then made our way to PS. Randomly told the husband that I want to go PS last night, so he brought us there lor! 

PS carpark was very full so we parked at the new shopping mall linked to PS, which I've forgotten the name! (What's the name of the mall huh?) 

Apparently, we got so many stares from passers-by, one angmoh even asked if we're sister cos we're wearing the same clothes! 

Hmm, very weird meh? I find it very cute mah! Hahaha 

Marble Slab's waffle! Niceeee! 

Our shopping loot! Haha 

Balloon siao! She always/only ask for balloon whenever we're out cos she always see someone taking! Got this mini one for her @ Spotlight for $1.75!!! 

Jiejie refused to tag along becos again, she has her own program!

This Meimei ah, really same as me. Shopping can curb hunger one! She never complain hungry at all! Aiyo! 

Alright, gonna zzz now, need to wake up at 6+am tomorrow, hur hur! 

ASOS rocks!

#Throwback : Saw this when I reached home on Thursday evening, so elated and shocked at the same time! I didn't expect the delivery to be so fast?? I didn't opt for any express delivery leh. 

So I whatsapp-ed Agnes, happily told her that I've received my parcel. And I got a shock again cos she told me she haven receive hers, when she ordered earlier than me! She was so angry cos ASOS always delay her parcels and she has to email them again & again! But thank god she received it yesterday!

Tsk tsk, why so inconsistent ah?! Most probably I'm a first time customer and they wanna leave good impression so my parcel came extremely fast!

So I've two dresses to choose from now...

Mummy said this dress looks more classy, so it depends on whether I want a sweet or classy look. My nephew's wedding, sweet or classy? 

Love this dress lah & the material is so good, worth the price! 

But this dress cannot wear bra!!! WTH! Neh neh not big enough to go bra-less leh! Need to go and buy Nubra liao lah!

Bathed together with Raeann on that same morning. Told her that when she goes to Primary school, her neh neh pok will slowly grow bigger and bigger and she will need to wear bra. 

So she asked me "how big will it grow? Lidat ah?" *placing her hands about 20cm away from her chest*

I shocked and said, "Siao ah? So big for what? Heavy leh!"

Honestly, I ever did thought of doing surgery to my boobs before. BUT, after I watched the video of the procedure on YouTube, I changed my mind and begin to think that small boobs look nicer on me, lolol.

Aiya, it's all in the mind lah! When you feel contented and good with your body, you will feel happy. Happy women are the most beautiful!!! 

My self esteem is very high now, lolol! 

This weekend will be a busy one - baby shower, birthday & WALKATHON. Shit, can't believe that I'll agree to my daughter's request. (Her nagging is powerful ok!) But it's okay, cos I'm dragging the husband along!!! Wahahahahaha! 有福同享, 有难同当嘛! LOL

Didn't give him the chance to choose whether he wants to go or not, just informed him "eh, Sunday please wake up at 7am hor cos your precious daughter wants to go walkathon". 

He nagged, of cos, but I can't be bothered. I asked him to go and talk to Raeann instead, see if he can tahan her powerful nags or not lah! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

AXS app, you will love it!

This app will make your life at least 20x easier, no need to search for AXS machines & no need to queue! YAY! 

A reader-turned-friend; Sharon shared it on FB 2 days ago, I went to download immediately. (Thank you for sharing, Sharon!) I know I need this so much! 

Received one of my C.C bill yesterday and I tried to pay using this app today. 

Sooooo easy to use and hassle-free! Thank you for this brilliant app!!! :) 

Sigh~ never-ending bills to pay, school fees, car instalment etc etc etc. More to come when my new house is ready. Not anticipating it, #kthxbye! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Wah lau, this Meimei's 口才 won't lose to her Jiejie lor! Her teacher said she's even more eloquent than Jiejie at their same age! (Same playgroup teacher!) 

Yesterday evening, I picked her up from aunty's place after work. Saw her using her slipper to rub against my car window...

Me : Mei ah, what are you doing? 
Meimei : I clean window!!!
Me : Huh?? Clean your head lah! 
Meimei : Orh, clean head ah? (And she really want to put the slipper on her head and clean!) 

Last night, while putting Meimei to bed, she talk talk talk talk talk non stop! 

Me : "aiya, u go & sleep lah" and ignored her.
Meimei : oh, mummy 生气了, 我去睡觉了.

Now, going to put her to bed liao, guess what she said? 

"屁股很痒, scratch scratch!" 

Done scratching her 屁股 then she said, "pig pig 很痒"! Wah lau! 

Then she said, "I want go ah ma room"! 

Also, don't know why does she need to ask about the whole world before she sleep every night huh? 

"Wallace korkor leh?" ("Wallace korkor play with me!") 
"Chloe jiejie leh?"
"Nigel papa leh?"
"Enzo leh?"
"Ah ma baby leh?" (She says Leryee is ah Ma's baby!) 
"Raeann Ho leh?" 

Blah blah blah... Even her classmate's father also must ask!!!

She can talk in full sentences very well now. And she can remember & call out ALL her classmates' name, correctly. 

She can also explains very clearly how she injured herself (if any), who and how people bully her & etc. 

Her teachers keep praising her cos they said she's not even 2 years old yet! 

Everyday, my ears are so full! Becos both of them will complain 来 complain 去! 

 "Meimei scratch me!" 
"Jiejie kick my backside!" 

 Etc etc etc!!! Urgh!!!

But sometimes, they can be so nice to each other! 

Why why why why why can't they stay forever nice to each other?!

Showing me her $$$! Yes, that's her wallet! Now, whenever she ask me to buy things online & I said I've no money, she will say, "my wallet have! 皮包!" Rich liao! 

Before I end this post, congrats to my friend who struck 2nd prize today on my car plate number, again! 

And he said he wanna meet me on every Tuesday & Friday liao, lolol! Cos I met him twice, he struck 2nd prize (my car plate number), twice too (within 7 days). 

Not my 功劳, he's lucky! Happy happy for him! ^.^ 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shop @ Queenbels!

Have been searching high & low for a dress to wear to nephew's wedding dinner in mid Sept. Actually ordered a dress from ASOS last week but kinda worried that my shipment will get delayed, as mentioned by Agnes! 

Okay lah, I'm just using this excuse to get another dress! Have been buying clothes almost every week! That explains my very exploded wardrobe! 

My wardrobe is already very very full, I've placed another rack outside my room since few years ago, just for my clothes! Need to clear often to make space for the new ones! Shhh!

Eh, where was I ah? 

Ohhh, dress for wedding dinner! I refused to buy it from common & popular online shops to prevent wearing the same as someone else at the dinner! So... 

I SHOP AT QUEENBELS LOR! Cos her designs are very exclusive & limited quantity! The chances of wearing the same as others is about 0.001%, hahaha! 

I think I resemble the bee cos I'm as busy as a bee! Haha! Lame! 

This little bubble dress cost S$55 (excludes delivery), I met her up to collect earlier. 

You know why it's good to shop at Queenbels? Cos the owner; Shirley always put in alot of efforts in her packagings & she has plenty of ideas to reward all her customers! She gave me a pair of earrings and color pencils for my kiddos! 

Both very happy eh!!! Thank you, Shirley! 

Saw me taking photo so turned around to pose...

No idea who taught Meimei to pose lidat, she has been posing lidat lately! If you wondered why Raeann is always wearing the same dress, cos that's the ONLY dress she wants & likes to wear! 

Was told that the color pencils are made of paper instead of wood, so unique!!!

Told Shirley that she's sucha mystery, never even see her (face) photo before after (cyber) knowing her for about 2-3 years? Can't remember liao! And little did we know that, we stayed quite near each other!!! Lol

ZY suddenly came back when I was testing it, asked him if it's nice? 

He stared at the dress for a long time and said, "ok lor". HAHAHAHA 

Means it's nice lah. (Remember that he don't praise but only criticise me!?) 

Aiya, I'm doing hulala now cos few days ago, Raeann asked why I so long never do liao? She said I'm FAT, lolol! 

So itchy........ Fats burning!!! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Go dark!

And I decided to darken my hair again, cos I'm sick of the black hair roots everytime I do light colors... My last hair dye was in March and I've no time to do touch up for my hair roots since then. A good 5 months liao!

Had to re-do cos it turned out an obvious two tone; brown on top and black at the bottom, Jenny thinks it's ugly even though I keep telling her it's okay. Lol! I just dislike to sit longer...

So she re-do it for me, while waiting for Bo, she wanted many colors lah! 

End result; Jenny styled it in a way that some Korea wind blew pass, haha! 

Not very used to it actually, seems like I'm wearing a wig or something. Still prefer some lianz colors though... 

But one thing I'm very sure about is, my hair is and looks 50x healthier than before! (Snipped away those unhealthy ones already actually!) 

Sidetrack a little here...

Ordered something for a good friend from Reebonz. Opened up and check. And I've a hard time trying to tie back the stupid ribbon. Believe it or not, I spent hours doing it! The way Reebonz tie is just so different & pretty, I really wonder how they do it!!! 

This is the best I can do liao, hope she won't mind it! She will open it anyway, right? Haha! Hope she will like this birthday gift! :) 

So now I learnt my lesson, not gonna check anything from Reebonz if it's meant to be a gift, tying back the ribbon is a killer.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Disney Lens Auto Cleaner

Awww... This is so cute and useful!!! Bought it for quite some time already but only opened it up to "play" just now, as ZY brought the kids to CCK. 

Me-time! Pack, clean, throw & "discover". I'll always "discover" treasures while packing, those treasures are stuffs I bought and forget! =x 

Too cute! Regret not getting an extra Mickey case! Can't buy separately now! :( 

An essential for people who use contact lens daily/often! I didn't use lens for a long time liao, that's why I bought & dumped it aside for so long! 

All you need is one "AAA" size battery, which you have to buy separately.  

Ladies and gentlemen, if you use contact lens daily/often, I know you will love this cute thing for sure! :) 

Click on the link to view more or buy bah!