Saturday, August 24, 2013

ASOS rocks!

#Throwback : Saw this when I reached home on Thursday evening, so elated and shocked at the same time! I didn't expect the delivery to be so fast?? I didn't opt for any express delivery leh. 

So I whatsapp-ed Agnes, happily told her that I've received my parcel. And I got a shock again cos she told me she haven receive hers, when she ordered earlier than me! She was so angry cos ASOS always delay her parcels and she has to email them again & again! But thank god she received it yesterday!

Tsk tsk, why so inconsistent ah?! Most probably I'm a first time customer and they wanna leave good impression so my parcel came extremely fast!

So I've two dresses to choose from now...

Mummy said this dress looks more classy, so it depends on whether I want a sweet or classy look. My nephew's wedding, sweet or classy? 

Love this dress lah & the material is so good, worth the price! 

But this dress cannot wear bra!!! WTH! Neh neh not big enough to go bra-less leh! Need to go and buy Nubra liao lah!

Bathed together with Raeann on that same morning. Told her that when she goes to Primary school, her neh neh pok will slowly grow bigger and bigger and she will need to wear bra. 

So she asked me "how big will it grow? Lidat ah?" *placing her hands about 20cm away from her chest*

I shocked and said, "Siao ah? So big for what? Heavy leh!"

Honestly, I ever did thought of doing surgery to my boobs before. BUT, after I watched the video of the procedure on YouTube, I changed my mind and begin to think that small boobs look nicer on me, lolol.

Aiya, it's all in the mind lah! When you feel contented and good with your body, you will feel happy. Happy women are the most beautiful!!! 

My self esteem is very high now, lolol! 

This weekend will be a busy one - baby shower, birthday & WALKATHON. Shit, can't believe that I'll agree to my daughter's request. (Her nagging is powerful ok!) But it's okay, cos I'm dragging the husband along!!! Wahahahahaha! 有福同享, 有难同当嘛! LOL

Didn't give him the chance to choose whether he wants to go or not, just informed him "eh, Sunday please wake up at 7am hor cos your precious daughter wants to go walkathon". 

He nagged, of cos, but I can't be bothered. I asked him to go and talk to Raeann instead, see if he can tahan her powerful nags or not lah! 


  1. The dress is v pretty! *super likes*

    1. ^.^

      Meet up soon! Your present is here liao!!!

  2. may i know what's the name of this dress.. its pretty!! :)

    1. Hmm, I'll check the receipt and let you know cos i deleted all the emails liao...

    2. Hi, the name of this dress is called Lipsy One Shoulder Lace Detail Prom.

  3. thanks for the info! :)


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