Saturday, August 3, 2013



Wah lau, I don't remember having to learn 听写 when I was in K2! 

But I know that Raeann's school is already going slow for the kids as they only started having 听写 after their June holiday this year! 

My friend said that her son, whom is same age as Raeann attended some Chinese enrichment class and is already very good at his 汉语拼音. She told me that 90% of the P1 students Rulang takes in every year are very familiar with 汉语拼音 already. 

This got me worried, cos Raeann knows nothing about 汉语拼音 yet. But still, after some consideration, I don't wish to stress her out. She need not be top, need not be an elite, just be an average, I'm contented. 

Being one relax mum, I left her to study for her (past 3 weeks) 听写 herself, with some guidance from my aunt. She learns fast, she just need to write the word a few times and she can remember it. She knew how to write BUT she don't know what's the word. Hahaha! And end up, for her last 听写, she got 1/4, lolol! 

So now, I've decided to go through her 听写 with her every Saturday! Not only 听写 for the following week but for the past weeks as well. I want to make sure that she don't forget what she learnt. However, I still leave it to her to learn herself while I just relax at one corner.

She can remember, I'm glad! One thing for sure, she likes and learns Chinese faster than English!! She's really the opposite of most kids, cos I know most kids dislike Chinese! 

Now, I asked her to go & relax herself first (cos she keep asking me to test her again & again) & I'll test her tonight and test her again on Tuesday night cos her 听写 is on Wed! She's really kiasu cos when I allowed her to play iPad, she rejected and went to learn her 听写 just now. She just wants to make sure she gets all correct before she starts playing. 

I think that some humans are funny? When u push and expect too much from them, they will end up be very lazy & purposely do irritating things to frustrate you. And when you become super BO CHUP, they'll become kiasu themselves. Why huh? 

Aiya, kiasu Raeann is back, ask me to test her 听写 again! Lol! Got to go test her now if not she can 烦 me for the whole day! 

Packed their shoes rack this morning, to make space for new ones. Gave all Meimei's good condition outgrown shoes to Mary, so it's much neater now. 

I pack all my stuffs myself so I'll know where to find when I need it. And I absolutely hate it when people take my things & never inform me & I'll have to search high and low for it. Courtesy to inform is a basic responsibility, I feel?

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