Saturday, August 10, 2013


This crazy lil' girl woke me up at 6+am & said "我要去学校"! 我的天啊! 我要睡觉!!! 

Mel (my sil) bought me a box of this (thank you), she said its very powerful. I'm gonna try it today! Tonight got BBQ so need to detox, hahaha! Can't wait to see pretty Tara later! 

Started to potty train her already. You see her fleshy butt!! Never wear diaper also so 翘 one! Hahaha 

Forever very busy at home! Up down up down up down! 

Piggy jiejie just woke up, oops! Played too much yesterday. Cousins sent her back, she asked them to leave Ethan at our place. But Ethan wasn't allowed to stay, so they came back to pick him in the late evening! 

Monkey see, monkey do! Watch parade then went to dig her army uniform out! Lol @ how serious they look! (Ethan said, "我要你 post 在 Facebook!) 

And you see their boots!!! Hahahahaha hahahaha hahahha! 

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