Friday, August 16, 2013


Wah lau eh, first time in our life, ordered those 7th month package/box but have to pack everything into the box ourselves. They said we didn't 交代! But it's a package what, do we still need to 交代? Huh?

For the past 10 years, we ordered from others (we ordered from different suppliers every year so our employees will have something different), we also never 交代 leh, how come they don't give us such hassle? What rubbish is this! ONCE IS ENOUGH.

Made me super busy today! Pack office liao still gotta pack those boxes! I'm so smelly now, hope my friends won't shun me later, hur hur! Going for our long awaited crab feast, woohoo! Can't wait!

Anyway, I'm not sure did anyone realise... Meimei looks like 小小彬??? Not i thick skin, ownself think so hor, I've heard this comment from others many many many many many times liao. But I ignored cos I thought maybe is just photo angle lah.

Until this morning, inside meimei's school...

One aunty deliberately walked up to us and said, "这个有点像小小彬 leh"!

So I went to search for 小小彬 photos and do side by side photos comparison...

What do you think?

I think I'm so pro leh, cos I managed to dig out photos of similar expressions!!! LOLOL

After posting these photos, many people said she looks like 小小彬 liao. So, should I name her 小小瑄? LOLOL

How? How? Any company wanna endorse her? I'm her manager! Hahahaha! 

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