Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Wah lau, this Meimei's 口才 won't lose to her Jiejie lor! Her teacher said she's even more eloquent than Jiejie at their same age! (Same playgroup teacher!) 

Yesterday evening, I picked her up from aunty's place after work. Saw her using her slipper to rub against my car window...

Me : Mei ah, what are you doing? 
Meimei : I clean window!!!
Me : Huh?? Clean your head lah! 
Meimei : Orh, clean head ah? (And she really want to put the slipper on her head and clean!) 

Last night, while putting Meimei to bed, she talk talk talk talk talk non stop! 

Me : "aiya, u go & sleep lah" and ignored her.
Meimei : oh, mummy 生气了, 我去睡觉了.

Now, going to put her to bed liao, guess what she said? 

"屁股很痒, scratch scratch!" 

Done scratching her 屁股 then she said, "pig pig 很痒"! Wah lau! 

Then she said, "I want go ah ma room"! 

Also, don't know why does she need to ask about the whole world before she sleep every night huh? 

"Wallace korkor leh?" ("Wallace korkor play with me!") 
"Chloe jiejie leh?"
"Nigel papa leh?"
"Enzo leh?"
"Ah ma baby leh?" (She says Leryee is ah Ma's baby!) 
"Raeann Ho leh?" 

Blah blah blah... Even her classmate's father also must ask!!!

She can talk in full sentences very well now. And she can remember & call out ALL her classmates' name, correctly. 

She can also explains very clearly how she injured herself (if any), who and how people bully her & etc. 

Her teachers keep praising her cos they said she's not even 2 years old yet! 

Everyday, my ears are so full! Becos both of them will complain 来 complain 去! 

 "Meimei scratch me!" 
"Jiejie kick my backside!" 

 Etc etc etc!!! Urgh!!!

But sometimes, they can be so nice to each other! 

Why why why why why can't they stay forever nice to each other?!

Showing me her $$$! Yes, that's her wallet! Now, whenever she ask me to buy things online & I said I've no money, she will say, "my wallet have! 皮包!" Rich liao! 

Before I end this post, congrats to my friend who struck 2nd prize today on my car plate number, again! 

And he said he wanna meet me on every Tuesday & Friday liao, lolol! Cos I met him twice, he struck 2nd prize (my car plate number), twice too (within 7 days). 

Not my 功劳, he's lucky! Happy happy for him! ^.^ 

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