Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crabbys with crappy friends!

Recently, I'm crazy over crabs! I keep craving for crabs lah! Thus, in order to satisfy my craving, my crappy friends organised a crab feast at Mellben last evening!

was late due to heavy traffic, luckily my friends reached early, got a table & ordered food. And when I reached, all the food were served! Woohoo! 

Forever crazy long queue. When we left around 8+pm, the queue was still crazy long! 

So much love for the chilli crab, dip it with 馒头, wootz, I'm salivating now! 

After dinner, we proceeded to their usual hangout, for a drink! Even though it's just few hours there, the night was crazy yo! I had soooo much laughter! There were so many crazy people there! 

Finally get to meet Z's gf, JJ! Aww, she's damn cute! Also siao siao like me one! No wonder we clicked so well upon first meeting! 

Well, my plan was to leave at 11:30pm cos I told them I need to reach home before 12am, as I need to go office today! But I left one hour later, too fun! The husband kept calling me lor, buay tahan! His best trick; 2 kids looking for me! 

Wah lau! @ 11:05pm! -.- He cannot live without me, I think! Few hours never see me, gao wei liao! 

Okay, need to bathe now! 


  1. Intro one give u place that serve nice and cheap crabs. Kian Seng Restaurant. Normally I only took the salted egg crabs. Nice dao~~ They ave other food also very nice like, coffee 排骨, mincemeat cai poh tofu. =)

    1. Thank you, visited the link, also at AMK. Will go there one day!! Need to do any reservation one?

  2. Ehh.. Prolly u can call to make reservation during weekend bcuz will be pack and carpark could be a problem too! Yup its also at AMK. it's in sme industrial area canteen type of restaurant/zhi char stall.

    1. Okok, thanks for sharing!! I'll check it out! :))))


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