Monday, August 12, 2013

Daisies Love by Irene!

Heh heh, went to remove my two months old gelish pedi today and re-do a new set! Chosen sweeter/simpler designs this time round cos I've not much time. But she still took about 3 hours for everything, that's how perfectionist Irene is! =D The thing is hor, no matter what design you choose, complicated or simple, it's the same price.

Asked for round nails instead of the usual square, cos my nails don't break that easily when it's round, I don't know why! 

Simple but I like it lah! Not so particular about pedi actually becos I seldom look at my legs, hahahaha! As long as my toe nails are not "naked", I don't care much.

Secretly took a photo of some of her work.

Irene - 90883120 (Call for appointment!)

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