Sunday, August 18, 2013

Disney Lens Auto Cleaner

Awww... This is so cute and useful!!! Bought it for quite some time already but only opened it up to "play" just now, as ZY brought the kids to CCK. 

Me-time! Pack, clean, throw & "discover". I'll always "discover" treasures while packing, those treasures are stuffs I bought and forget! =x 

Too cute! Regret not getting an extra Mickey case! Can't buy separately now! :( 

An essential for people who use contact lens daily/often! I didn't use lens for a long time liao, that's why I bought & dumped it aside for so long! 

All you need is one "AAA" size battery, which you have to buy separately.  

Ladies and gentlemen, if you use contact lens daily/often, I know you will love this cute thing for sure! :) 

Click on the link to view more or buy bah!

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