Monday, August 19, 2013

Go dark!

And I decided to darken my hair again, cos I'm sick of the black hair roots everytime I do light colors... My last hair dye was in March and I've no time to do touch up for my hair roots since then. A good 5 months liao!

Had to re-do cos it turned out an obvious two tone; brown on top and black at the bottom, Jenny thinks it's ugly even though I keep telling her it's okay. Lol! I just dislike to sit longer...

So she re-do it for me, while waiting for Bo, she wanted many colors lah! 

End result; Jenny styled it in a way that some Korea wind blew pass, haha! 

Not very used to it actually, seems like I'm wearing a wig or something. Still prefer some lianz colors though... 

But one thing I'm very sure about is, my hair is and looks 50x healthier than before! (Snipped away those unhealthy ones already actually!) 

Sidetrack a little here...

Ordered something for a good friend from Reebonz. Opened up and check. And I've a hard time trying to tie back the stupid ribbon. Believe it or not, I spent hours doing it! The way Reebonz tie is just so different & pretty, I really wonder how they do it!!! 

This is the best I can do liao, hope she won't mind it! She will open it anyway, right? Haha! Hope she will like this birthday gift! :) 

So now I learnt my lesson, not gonna check anything from Reebonz if it's meant to be a gift, tying back the ribbon is a killer.



    how to tie..hee.


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