Monday, August 12, 2013

I won $50 Taka Voucher from TNAP!

Wahahahahaha! When I received the call today, my first response was, "huh? did I join?" Then I thought I was dreaming...

Lol, I did join lah! I just briefly keyed in & submitted and totally forgot about it. Cos hor, I don't usually pin much hope on lucky draws one, this is only the 2nd time in my life I've ever won lucky draw, lolol. The first was John Little's, when I was heavily pregnant with Raeann.  

I forgot how I got to know about this lucky draw liao! But I "liked" The New Age Parents on FB for quite some time already, so I'm guessing that I probably saw them posting about it lor! 

Woohoo! I can take this chance to go shopping liao! Thank you, TNAP!!! 

Go like their page bah, nothing to lose right? Don't say I never gai-siao hor! 

P/S : DAMN IT! Gained ONE FUCKING KG over the long weekend. Omfg, time to eat lesser!!!

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