Monday, August 5, 2013

It's not easy... to be me!

Sometimes, I really wished that I can exchange role with ZY, to let him know what are the things I've to do and how good his life is!!!

Just back from the doctor after 1 hour plus wait, Meimei is still unwell! She doesn't look sick anyway, still as active as ever. See doctor also so happy! 

Went to pick them up after work, and straight to the doctor we went. 又饿又累!

Thank god my mum went with me and Bo came to look for us halfway, else I'll be alone, alone, alone. 

My husband decided that playing billiard is more important, I've no choice. I'm not angry becos I'm numb already. Don't even feel like getting angry/complaining anymore. 


Just fed Meimei her medicine, need to put her to bed now before I can go and shower! Had a bowl of soup for dinner upon reaching home cos I had a piece of bread while waiting just now. My kids already had their dinner at my aunty's. 

Came home to this! My bro bought it for the girls! Hookay, Meimei is asleep. I can finally go for my shower and KO early tonight! 

Good night, world! Get well soon, my cheeky one! 

(And you know, kiasu Raeann is so enthu in learning her 听写 now, AGAIN!)

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