Saturday, August 17, 2013


7th month praying in the office today, there were soooo many visitors! So 热闹! Brought the two kiddos there too!

Actually, I intended to go WM to develop one family photo for Meimei's school assignment before going office. But ZY called, asked me to bring ice down immediately. 

Ate and rotted there till around 5+, told ZY I need to go and develop photo. He suggested picking us up and ask Bo to drive my car back! (Oh, he ate and left!) 

Raeann don't want to go cos she has got playing kaki... Was so pissed with her cos when I asked her to leave with me in a firm tone, she hum-bao! Well, there's a reason why I insisted that she must leave with me and not stick to that kid, not gonna elaborate much! 

I thought we were going to WM or JP but ZY suddenly say "Why not we go J.E.M? Since we never go before!" I agreed immediately lah cos I've asked him to bring us there plenty of times but he always say "very jam lah"! 

It's true that J.E.M is forever jam! That's why when we reached & there wasn't any queue (quite alot of parking lots), I felt we were lucky! ZY still say "this hour come, no jam lah". 

So I finally made my first visit to J.E.M and I was so excited that I need to do a check-in on FB! (I don't usually check-in!) 

Then friends commented that there was a fire, that's why no jam! Aiyoyo, we didn't know about the incident at all and going to J.E.M was an impromptu last minute decision!

We walked past the fire scene lor!!! 

However, I still think we were lucky leh! Cos if we went there earlier, we would have been banned from going in! 

2nd time J.E.M on fire ever since it's opening. ZY said this building is "buay heng" but there were still alot of people lor, how to consider "buay heng" leh? 

Walked around, nothing much, we decided to go for dinner. And we were so lucky again cos we anyhow decided to eat at Ichiban Boshi and there wasn't any queue too! But when we were waiting for our food to be served, crowds started flowing in and there was a long queue outside! 

Little boss choosing food! And she literally stare at the ice cream for a long time! No ice cream for her cos she's still coughing! 

Mini me, even the food we like are about the same! Cha soba!!! 

Asked her to strike a pose and this is the face she gave, told her its ugly! Hahah 

She finished a bowl of cha soba and a bowl of rice, she was very hungry, I think

After dinner... We went shopping!! 

Despite being sleepy, she literally went crazy at H&M!!! 

Aww, why so cheekily cute?! And she's quite good in talking now, especially parroting what people said!! 

Made the shoes drop and walk away! -.- 

That's how active and itchy hand she is! Asked her to go and put back all the shoes properly! 

Around 90cm & 14kgs now, carrying her for long time is soooo siong sia!!! 

Promised to buy her something for her well behaviour during dinner time! Got her a pair of shoes cos all her shoes are too small for her liao! She's a shoes fanatic too, remember?   

P/S : This pair of sandals cost $19.90 at H&M, if anyone's interested! 

Left around 8pm and there was a super long queue of cars waiting to get into J.E.M. They really never name the mall wrongly lor, forever jam one! 

But there's really nothing much at J.E.M leh, not very huge also! Don't think I'll go again for no reason. Hate queues!!!

Sleepy already, good night world!

Sigh! Got woken up by Raeann's loud voice just now! So frustrated cos I was 3/4 sleeping liao! 

Lol, ZY just asked me, "am I really bias meh?" Cos I told him what Bo told me this afternoon. That he's getting more impatient towards Raeann now & seems to dote on Meimei more. 

(Can't be help cos Meimei is too cheeky! And you know, kids who seldom cry get more love, that's what I feel lah!) 

I replied, "if u don't think you're bias, why ask me this question?" 

Then he said he don't feel so lah, he said I'm the one who is bias lah, all along dote on Meimei more lah. Blah blah blah! 

I said, "Bo bian mah, nobody want to help me with Meimei so I've to do it myself. That makes her so damn sticky to me! I'm her mum, I can don't bother meh?" 

I can swear, I treat both of them the same. Praise when well behaved, discipline when misbehaved. But Raeann, at her age, she's damn good at talking back & very stubborn. I can talk nicely to her many many times but she still choose not to listen. So obviously, I'll always be disciplining her. 

Meimei, on the contrary, she listens, I only need to say once! If she don't, she will also get punishment. 

So he said that Meimei sticks to me also good lah. That's why she's more well behaved now! At least people dare to bring her out now! -.- 讲来又讲去! 

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