Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jurong Spring ~ One Community Walk

Woke up at 6:45 am to prepare myself and the kids for the walkathon. I did everything alone in super speed okay, no bathe, no makeup, just wash face, brush teeth, change, tie hair and rush out of the house. The husband was grumbling & nagging at Raeann all the way! LOL

Raeann's favourite classmate! 

The walk haven even start and she was complaining TIRED liao! Hahaha! And thus, 3/4 of the walk, I NEED TO CARRY HER AND WALK! Tired die me! 

Bring us walk shortcut & he's super proud about it! Lolol 

Meimei was very very hungry cos she finished 1/2 the bread. She usually dont eat such bread de lor! 

Jiejie waiting for her performance! I remember signing "don't allow her to perform" but she insisted to perform. Up to her lor! As long as she likes it! :)

She completed the whole 30 mins Zumba Dance! We sat outside to watch!

Bored & fooling around! 

Then she went up stage to perform, what, I don't know, hahaha! But she's sporting, I must say! 

Very tired jiejie! 

There was a lucky draw and we won!!! $20 NTUC vouchers! Ho Ho Ho! Lucky lucky! The husband said becos he brought us walk shortcut that's why we will win! LOLOL

I only paid $4 for the walk's ticket (t-shirt, goodie bag & lucky draw), Raeann's ticket was sponsored by her school! :) 

Brought them to BK for breakfast then zoomed home to bathe & sleep!!! 

Rested awhile then off to CCK for Wallace's mini birthday party.

To be continued in the next post...

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