Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lerk Thai with thy family!

My holiday "homework", lolol. Was told to do a drawing together with Meimei; her homework. But nowadays, will a toddler sit still beside you, listen to your instructions & complete an art piece together with you? I doubt so. They will end up ruining the whole piece of paper, I think? 

A picture speaks a thousand words.

I know my drawing is so kiddy & atrocious. But no choice ah, I'm not talented in art, at all. And my "imagination" is always too perfect. In my sub-conscious mind, all I see are rainbows and nature. I'm happy becos I'm easily contented & not 小心眼. I always see the goods in everything/everyone, unless proven otherwise. 

Seriously cannot stand people who gets jealous over everything, said people are bias towards him/her & etc. Always see the goods in others but never think of how lucky they already are. Com'on, think of all the "goods" you are given instead, did others have those? #justsaying

She attracted alot of attentions from strangers lor, becos she was carrying her bag all the way! Too cute! (She put sunglass & real Hp without SIM card inside her bag! Haha!) 

"我肚子饿!" Her current favourite sentence! HAHAHAHA 

What a "big" portion of dessert! Don't know fill where?! 

Shopped a little before heading home. I want to find a specific shop/booth to get a birthday present for one important friend, but MS don't have! :( 

They went to shop around while I went my separate way - walked around the whole MS to find lor! 

You know why I always say that I've no time to go shopping? Cos I've no chance to go shopping alone or with friends. (I usually meet my friends for dinner & drinks nia!) And when I go out with my kids or family, I won't expect/want them to walk around with me, just to search for my own things. I'd rather not shop, at all! 

When you are considerate, people will have no reason to be angry with you over anything. I'm not afraid to say that I'm VERY considerate towards my own family. 

Another one more into the collection AGAIN. So flooded with Care Bears on my bed now!!!

This girl ah, she's so funny lor, like scare people don't know who's her mummy! Go and tell everyone (strangers), "my mummy here" and point to me! Then all the strangers kept laughing!

Funny lil' cutie, please be less fierce abit, can? =X 

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