Saturday, August 3, 2013

Life's good!

Even though I'm always stuck at home on most Fridays night! Haha! I'm bored till I need to look at school bags, for Raeann's P1 use. 

Well, she has got plenty of bags but I'm considering one which will not hurt her spine too much! Primary school bags are not light, I think? I'm not sure about now but I know my bag were all the way heavy from P1 to P6.

Anybody's kids also using this? Any advise? Good? If it's good, I'll buy! (Actually, I'm wondering why (sometimes) I don't get a single comment when I'm asking questions when there are 200+ unique readers everyday huh?! Are all of you my stalkers? Only interested to know about my life? U guys better comment hor, else I'll just shut this blog down since I'm always talking to myself!!) 

By the way, Raeann's best friend got into CHIJ!!! Woohoo! I'm genuinely happy for her and PY! I can really feel PY's joy when she msg me today! 

As for the other friend who's trying for Rulang, I'm still praying for her! Cos there are only 39 seats left but there are 88 registrants! Hope she don't have to go through balloting! Today, she explained to me about how the system goes about, I totally catch NO BALL, I just "Orh Orh Orh" all the way, lolol! 

These are the stress most parents have to go through, sooner or later, cannot escape one! 

The next thing for me to busy about is, finding a student care for Raeann! J intro-ed me a good one near to Rulang, I've called to enquire and there's still available space! Phewz! How lucky!! 

Why student care? 

My main concern is becos they will teach the kids their homework and revisions! Then they will pick/send the kids to/fro school. This way, I can save on school bus and my blood. Haha! I know I'll sure vomit alot of blood if I've to teach her myself after work! I really salute parents who can do that! Waking up early to work then brave through the whole day, go back still have to teach their kids, how they do that ah? 

Therefore, in order not to make my life difficult, I choose to put her into student care. Hope it will do her good! :) 

Now, waiting for the husband to be back with Rochor 豆花油条! I prefer traditional one more than those pudding types! Anyone's with me? Hee 

Used plan A on him earlier & he was like "看怎样先啦" but I know he will buy, don't know why, just have a gut feel. 

Seeing the way I crave for food lately, people might think I'm pregnant again. Nooo!! On the contrary, I don't have much cravings when I was pregnant, cos I vomited half the pregnancy away. That's why I hate pregnancy, very much. It made me like a weako!

*disappeared for 15 mins*

Aiyo, just cleaned up Meimei's vomiting mess, 3rd night in a roll liao! But luckily, today I fast hand fast leg, managed to "hop" her vomit with cloth in time so it's not so bad! If not, I'll need to change the bedsheet again!!! 

Get well soon, my still-active baby girl! Just like her sister, their cough only activate at night!!! And they will never fail to cough till vomit! 

This post super rojak cos I just type out whatever comes to my mind! Genuine words from my heart! Lol

When is dear papa coming back? Hur hur! (Meimei calls ZY "dear papa" cos she thought his name is dear? As she always hear me calling him that! Hahahahaha) 

Yay! He's back! 

I know I'm blessed. Thank you!



  1. Got consider those trolley bag?? Raeann can pull instead of carry.

    1. She has one leh. But the trolley will make the bag heavier if she wants to carry it...

  2. My gal is using Spi,I find it q gd but a ex as well. Actually for pri one Han Yu Pin Yin is very important as they will be learning more on that n it really helps in learning Chinese.

    1. I went to google about Spi after seeing your comment. Wow, it's really ex, $100++, issit durable? Yeap, i know, all my friends' kids having enrichment/tuition classes for Chinese but to be honest, I'm more worried for her English than Chinese.

  3. It's q durable as its been 2years now.


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