Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lovin' everything!

Received another batch of the kids' Teacher's Day gifts today, I swear this shall be the last & final ones, lolol! 

Customised fruit jam!!! 

Hope the teachers will like what I've prepared for them! :) 

Sleepy now...

Road trip to JB today, with a bunch of super funny peeps. They made the trip full of laughter! 

A step closer, pray for no cock ups! I shall not elaborate much before I'm being accused of boasting, again. Some people just can't wait to see you fall. When you're happy, they get jealous! Hahaha! #punintended

My mother queen! Love her for loving all of us! Thank you, mummy! 

By the time everything was settled, all of us were famished. A few of us didn't had breakfast lor, and we had our first meal at around 2:45pm! :(

This little restaurant at Mount Austin sell fantastic roasted duck, lol. (According to what all of them said lah! I'm not a duck lover so I don't know!)

And there's BlackBall there too! Just beside the duck restaurant!

Dabao-ed back! Cheaper but tasted different from the one I had in SG leh, not that nice!

Bought RM114 worth of bread back from a highly recommended no brand bakery! Not bad, bread very soft!! 

Yesterday, I spent $55 on 28 pieces of macarons for the family! Just can't get enough of pastries, lolol! Overloaded with pastries now, think I can open a shop liao!

Despite having ulcer, I need to eat this cos my very filial dotti deliberately brought this back from my aunt's place, for me!!! She called me this morning & ask if I wanna eat or not! Every kids have their own ways to please their parents hor? Love my daughters for loving me too! 

Aww, fuck the ulcer!!! Gonna rub salt over it now! 

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