Thursday, August 1, 2013

My little partner in crime!

This little girl is just like a mini clone of me, not only in term of looks but character & interests as well. She's a little vainpot, just like me! Haha

Just now, we went to collect my new "love", freshly air flown from Japan and she was even more excited than me, she said she wants it. I never see this kind of excitement in Raeann before. 

You know that kind of sian-ness...

Me: *so excited & happy* Raeann, nice anot? Nice anot? 

Raeann: Nice lah nice lah! *walk away & probably go & practice her kungfu*

Then I'll be like "so sian, nobody appreciate it with me, nvm lor, I appreciate it myself". Lolol! 

But it's different now!!! There's someone who can't wait to unveil the surprise with me, keep wanting to test/wear it! 

This makes shopping more interesting, isn't it??? I hope Raeann will be influenced by Meimei, along their growth. As long as I can afford, I don't mind buying & sharing it with them! 

Men love cars, women love bags, I guess I'm normal! 

Oh, and shoes too! Bought two pairs last month, still haven 开张 yet! 

Sucha happy Thursday! <3 

人生短短, 生不带来, 死不带去. 看开一点就会笑笑没烦恼!!!

My friend said, "you didn't change at all hor, you're still the cheerful & happy-go-lucky ah zhu I know 11 years ago"! 

Yes, I was! Glad that I regained back to my past self now. Nothing & no one can ever bring me down, again. 

Positive level: 200/100, lolol! 

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