Thursday, August 29, 2013

Of bits and pieces!

It's sucha breeze bringing her to school every morning becos she's so enthu about it, everyday can't wait to chiong in sia! Thank god she's not like her jiejie! =X

Her masterpiece from school, given to me last week! :)

Went for our breakfast after sending her to school today. Need to run some errands + order Raeann's birthday cake this morning! All done, sense of relieve! Ordered some tidbits from Meiji and it will be sent here tomorrow morning.

Raeann will be celebrating her birthday in her PCF school on the 5th Sept while Meimei will celebrate hers on her actual birthday - 20th Sept in her Little Learners Playgroup. Different dates and different schools, kids are so fortunate nowadays! 

My parents don't celebrate my birthdays at all when I was young (my mum said she was too busy), that's why I didn't see my birthday as a big deal. Hence, I will never understand why some people get so upset when their parents didn't celebrate birthdays for them. I don't have it all along, and I'm not upset leh? It's all depends on how you look at it bah. 

If you're a Jurong kias, you should know this Bukit Merah View Kway Chap located at Blk 493, Jurong West St 41. It's very popular and long queue! Have to wait at least 20-30 mins on weekends morning! Whenever I tag along my parents to the market on Sunday, I'll eat this, provided the wait is not too long. And hor, I just realised, the portions they gave when my mum's around are moreeeee...  And cheaper! Regular liao!

Yum yum!


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