Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What a hectic day!

Have been praying since 12am last night; house, office, store and going to the last place later - old house. Phewz! Not easy! Very hot!!!!! 

All these patches on my hands now! I'm just helping my mum lah, otherwise she will be doing it alone. My mum is one super woman but she isn't young anymore! 

Gosh, my favourite pant is stained! How ah? Does color bleach helps? Hur hur!

Raeann's National day celebration in school today! She called me just now, said she won a prize from quiz! 

"Where is the National day parade held?"

She answered "Marina Bay Sands". 

(Maybe she got the nearest answer!)

I asked her how she knows cos I don't even know and bother!!

"I went before mah, during Singapore's 47th Birthday!" 

Yah, she went with my bro they all last year, I think. But I've clean forgotten about this liao. Why her memory so good huh?? (Sorry, but her mummy; me is super absent minded one!)

Brought Meimei to buy her bicycle this morning! :) 

Okay, gonna rush to Clementi & chiong the last place now!! Need mask tonight!!!!! 

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