Monday, August 5, 2013

Pro-Teach Student Care

This morning, despite the heavy heavy rain, we made our way to the student care I wanted to send Raeann to, to take a look. I wish to know more about it before making any decision. 

Progression board. They have quite alot of students hor. 

Honestly hor, the place is not very big so I've no idea how they accommodate so many students? But I can be sure that Pro-Teach is good, otherwise, given this kind of (crampy) environment, why do they have so many students leh? I mean, why are parents so willing/dying to place their kid there? My mum said last time she always try to put us there but we were always placed on waiting list, wait wait wait, until we graduate, lol.  

Their menu not bad hor, lolol.

Two meals a day, sending OR picking the kids to/fro (depends on am or pm session), tuition & revision of their school homework everyday, enrichment classes, all in, $310 per month. I think it's damn worth it. I was told that, usually by end of Sept, all the P1 slots for the following year will be taken up liao. I helped PY to call up Pro-Teach at her area, all the vacancies has already been taken up, cannot even be placed on waiting list leh. I told her that she has to learn to be kiasu cos all the parents living at her area are sibei kiasu, was told that they have registered for the space last year. Gosh, got so kiasu or not??? 

Nah, I isn't kiasu, I'm considered very relax liao. Becos they don't have much vacancies left for P1 next year, thus I immediately agreed to sign her up. I decided to put her there for a year to see how's her progress! If it's good, I'll continue putting her there. If not, I'll search for other alternative. 走一步, 看一步吧! Thank you Jamie for recommending me Pro-Teach! Good luck for your balloting tomorrow!  

P/S : I guess that hardest part is breaking this news to my Aunty. Her eyes went teary when I told her and I feel so sad about it! :( 

Have to wake up earlier and earlier liao! :'( But it's another load off my mind, I ought to be happy! ZY doesn't bother or need to do anything about their studies becos I'm the one doing everything. (I'm also the one sending/picking! Paying sometimes too!) When it comes to any documents (buying house, registering P1 or whatever), I'm also the one preparing. Sometimes, I think it's good to be more lazy/nua, then everything also don't need to do! Sigh


  1. Hello..just checking with you whether the pro teach student care is really good..?how much are the current fees and still have long waiting list?.thanks.enjoy reading yr blog.blessed Christmas and a happy new year soon!

    1. Hi there,

      Yup, the teachers there are really good and supportive. I really like them, but a pity my girl doesn't like to go, which I don't understand why, she's a problematic girl I think. $310/mth, and my centre doesn't require to be in waiting list yet. (Jurong West St 52)

      Happy 2015 to you and your family! =D

  2. Hi. Is ur child still with Proteach? I visit their centre at hang Kah and also find their classroom very small and class size too big.. Think safety is a problem.

    Are their teaching good.

    1. Hi, my kid has withdrew from Pro Teach. Personally, I think they are okay but no idea why my girl hates going there so much. Where is hang kah btw?


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