Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shop @ Queenbels!

Have been searching high & low for a dress to wear to nephew's wedding dinner in mid Sept. Actually ordered a dress from ASOS last week but kinda worried that my shipment will get delayed, as mentioned by Agnes! 

Okay lah, I'm just using this excuse to get another dress! Have been buying clothes almost every week! That explains my very exploded wardrobe! 

My wardrobe is already very very full, I've placed another rack outside my room since few years ago, just for my clothes! Need to clear often to make space for the new ones! Shhh!

Eh, where was I ah? 

Ohhh, dress for wedding dinner! I refused to buy it from common & popular online shops to prevent wearing the same as someone else at the dinner! So... 

I SHOP AT QUEENBELS LOR! Cos her designs are very exclusive & limited quantity! The chances of wearing the same as others is about 0.001%, hahaha! 

I think I resemble the bee cos I'm as busy as a bee! Haha! Lame! 

This little bubble dress cost S$55 (excludes delivery), I met her up to collect earlier. 

You know why it's good to shop at Queenbels? Cos the owner; Shirley always put in alot of efforts in her packagings & she has plenty of ideas to reward all her customers! She gave me a pair of earrings and color pencils for my kiddos! 

Both very happy eh!!! Thank you, Shirley! 

Saw me taking photo so turned around to pose...

No idea who taught Meimei to pose lidat, she has been posing lidat lately! If you wondered why Raeann is always wearing the same dress, cos that's the ONLY dress she wants & likes to wear! 

Was told that the color pencils are made of paper instead of wood, so unique!!!

Told Shirley that she's sucha mystery, never even see her (face) photo before after (cyber) knowing her for about 2-3 years? Can't remember liao! And little did we know that, we stayed quite near each other!!! Lol

ZY suddenly came back when I was testing it, asked him if it's nice? 

He stared at the dress for a long time and said, "ok lor". HAHAHAHA 

Means it's nice lah. (Remember that he don't praise but only criticise me!?) 

Aiya, I'm doing hulala now cos few days ago, Raeann asked why I so long never do liao? She said I'm FAT, lolol! 

So itchy........ Fats burning!!! 

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