Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Smurfs 2 @ Cathay WM

I'm so tired... 

But I cannot zzz yet cos I haven shower. I can't shower yet cos Meimei is still awake. Yes, we just reached home not long ago from "eating table".

Today, we have been out for almost the whole day. I'm shagged out! VERY! I thought I can get some good rest during this long weekend, but I'm even more exhausted! (Meimei tried to wake me up at 6+am every morning!) 

***WTH, my body is full of insect bites, so swollen & itchy! 

听写 this morning! Overplayed and too busy to do so yesterday. But she only used less than 20 mins to learn it. And she really got all correct! She can study well, I think. Cos she pick up things really fast, but it depends on whether she wants to do it or not. Hope she will have the right and positive attitude towards her studies, that will save me lots of troubles!!!

(I rewarded her with small little gift like sharpener/pencils & etc when she scored full marks & that's enough to make her happy!) 

Brought the kids out for brunch & movie this afternoon.

Hahaha, sibei Aunty! 

I think I can open a Care Bears shop very soon! Raeann never used to like soft toys! But becos Meimei wants it, then she also want! Kinda irritating cos the bears took up half the bed! Omg!

***I shower first! 

I guess, The Smurfs 1 & 2 are the only cartoon movies I paid attention throughout! I think is good but ZY prefers Smurfs 1. 

The Smurfs 2 - Funny & touching. I like the storyline very much. "It doesn't matter where you came from, you choose who you want to be." 

Back home for a little rest after the movie, before heading for the dinner at 7+pm. I didn't get to rest though cos Meimei was so energetic, she KO all the way inside the cinema! The husband & Raeann slept like two pigs! Same pattern! Lol

"Eat table" @ Boon Lay Raja restaurant, our yearly affair cos we have 4 tables every year. So my aunts, cousins & dad's friends will be there also! Cannot don't go cos all of them want to see the kids. Everyone's snatching to carry/play with them, especially Meimei cos she's the youngest! 

BUT, Meimei got cranky when it's time for her to zzz (8:30pm) & she refused to find anyone else but me. Even when they "bluff" her, bring her buy sweets or etc, it won't be long before she started crying for me again. Go toilet also hard ah! 

Hahah! Her urine overflowed & I didn't bring extra clothing (I never bring extra clothing before lah, so heavy!) so she had to be bottomless for awhile, lolol! Kids nvm one lah! 

Okay, it's time for me to zzz now, super tired liao! The long weekend has ended unknowingly. 

Btw people, please look at the child abduction post I shared on FB earlier. It's a TRUE STORY that happened at Vivo City today! Hold your child tight when going out now, SG isn't as safe as before. I said before right? 6.9mil populations? People who agree care about our economy, people who disagree care about our peace & safety. 

I belong to the latter, definitely! 

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