Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tara turns ONE!

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Today's coordinate! #Raechelleootd Both top & bottom from Baby Fox! Haha! How's her pose? Got model lookalike anot? Lolol! She's DAMN vain, just like me, hahaha! 

Note: This post gonna be full of praise cos I was indeed VERY IMPRESSED by everything! I live in kampong, remember?

Happy Birthday pretty little Tara! I bet she gonna charm alot of men in future! Her eyes... *meltz*

Too bad I didn't manage to capture a proper photo of her cos she's learning to walk... She's really very cute leh! One little sweetheart! 

Their house is so huge!! The biggest condo I've ever seen before. My impression of condo is smaller than HDB flat, but theirs, damn huge!

Tara's personal playground! The kids were fascinated by all her toys. 

That's my bro playing with Meimei! The hosts are actually good friends of my bro. But becos they love kids, they invited my two girls (and us) as well. Thank you for the invite, we are honoured. 

Then we went downstairs for the BBQ! Wow wow wow! 

Bestest BBQ I've ever attended. People cooked & served us, with all the damn power delicious food. 

The drinks corner! Plenty of alcohol to choose from. I thought I was in a hotel, really. 

Not allowed to have drinks so she was given a piece of lime! 

Warning: I'm gonna post food pictures now, please do not scroll down if you're hungry! 

Pork bread! 

Look at this!!! Powerful roasted pork! Wah lau! We had soooooo many of this! 

Even a toddler knows how good it is! 

BBQ chicken! 

Pizza! Oh yes, they even brought an oven there! I love their cheese balls but I forgot to take picture! 

Vegetarian popiah! 

And many many more! You know, these are just the appetisers!!! I was already so full and I had to leave before they serve the main courses cos Meimei was so sleepy already! 

Pretty SIL and the two greedy girls! 

Aiyo, I've been eating & eating & eating during this long weekend. Tomorrow still got another round of "eat table". How? How to diet lidat? 

Once again, thank you Shihui & Romil for the lovely host. So enjoyed it! ^.^

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