Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The girls!

Note: Please stay home tonight, people. After 12am, is the first day of lunar 7th month! 

Raeann proudly said that she scored full mark for her 听写 today when I picked her up just now! Not bad, never waste my time! Hence, to reward her, I bought her an Ukelele!

No lah, I'm just kidding, I don't spoil her lidat! This is her advanced birthday present, as per her request. She has been asking for an Ukelele, I told her I can only get it for her during her birthday. I placed an order for it last night, never expect to receive it today; noon!! Super efficient!! 

She kept thanking me, sang songs to me, saying how much she loves her mummy, lolol. She's damn happy lah! 

Told her that she cannot ask for present on her birthday anymore ah, she said, "nvm, u give me angbao can liao"! -.- 

Raeann: "No lah, I'm just joking!"

And of cos, I've to be fair to Meimei too! Intend to get her a bicycle, but I've no time to source for it yet.

But I got a set of mini Pororo crayons for her to bring to school, and she enjoyed coloring with it too... 

Lolol, so relax sia... Asked her to keep after using... 

And she did! Good job, baby! (Hope you don't be like your sister & father hor, always anyhow throw things. Cannot find then buy again, and again. Mummy don't have any print money machine hor!)

She celebrated National day in school today! And she's officially off till next Monday. Bet she will keep asking to go school one! Nowadays, she's super 自动 liao, go inside herself, say byebye to me, pull out her chair and sit by herself. She super love school now! 

Raeann's turn to celebrate in school tomorrow! :) 

Gonna be busy during this coming long weekend. Baby niece's baby shower on Friday, baby Tara's first birthday on Saturday. Had a hard time thinking what to get for Tara!! Eventually decided on this... 

A super cute little dress + headband from Chateau De Sable. Deliberately made a trip to Clementi Mall on Monday to buy it! Hope she likes it! 

As for baby niece, giving angbao will be a better choice! :)

Gonna be surrounded by many girls, baby girls this weekend, happy happy! I lub girls (especially between 1-3 years old) mak mak na! 

Don't get me wrong hor, I lub all babies, just a little more lurve for baby girls! Hee

Personal preference, no offence! 

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