Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wallace's 8th Birthday

Super tired after a short nap but we still dragged ourselves to CCK cos I promised Mel that we'll be there! When I promised something, I'll definitely deliver it! 

On our way to CCK, Raeann asked one sibei lame question, "为什么你们这样久没有吵架了 huh?". 


Isn't it a good thing??? Wah kao! Don't ask me why, cos I don't know why too. Just nothing to quarrel about? *CHOY*

When I lecture the kids, he keep quiet, when he lecture, I keep quiet, even when I feel that he's in the wrong! Will only talk about it when the kids are not around. 

Usually when I lecture the kids now, everyone will keep quiet. Cos they know that I won't throw my temper at them for no valid reason. And I'll only cane them when they make me very very very angry. 

Yes, in a way, my temper has changed for the better. I think I'm happy almost everyday, just tired. Can't be help when I've two super funny girls! 

One; everyday do & talk nonsenses to make me laugh and cry (she's applying lip gloss, she said she's doing makeup, lol). The other one; everyday do, ask and talk nonsenses to make me laugh and cry. LOL

Inside the car, I suddenly remember about giving angbao! Then ZY said, "don't need lah"! -.-

Reached CCK, asked him to get me one empty angbao, he said "no need" again. 

Then I bth, I whatsapped him, "can you kindly secretly get me one empty angbao, don't be so thick skinned can anot?". LOL

Harmony at home brings happiness! And I think it's true! 

Helping Mel to peel quail eggs! Meimei was waiting to eat it though...

All the delicious food cooked by MIL and Mel ordered pizza too! SO MUCH FOOD!!

Cousins gathering... There are two more babies! My mum always say that my ILS have very good life cos they have so many grandchildren! Old folks' mindset; the more the merrier! LOL

Always excited when she sees birthday cakes!

Trying to get all the kiddos into the picture! 

Baby Lerswen angry liao! 

Don't know whose birthday, lolol! 

This cutie pie also very fierce one! GOOD, 不会被别人欺负!     

May all the kids grow up healthy and safe! Good health & good luck falls on everyone! 

Happy Birthday, Wallace!!! 

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