Saturday, August 24, 2013

母女装很 weird 吗?

Before changing her, I've already changed myself in fact, wearing 母女装 was an impromptu decision. She took this clip and asked me to wear it out! (Cos it's heavy and her hair is too little to support!) Awesome! But of cos I didn't! Lolol

ZY bought this Stitch hair clip for me at Disneyland HK few years ago. Kept it in the plastic till recently, Meimei took out and play. 

Okay, this dress belongs to jiejie, got it for her when she was around 3+ years old and Meimei was about 4 months inside my tummy, if I didn't remember wrongly. 

So now, at barely 2 years old, she can wear it already, I'm very convinced that Raeann is sooooo petite now! 

Went to the baby shower for awhile then made our way to PS. Randomly told the husband that I want to go PS last night, so he brought us there lor! 

PS carpark was very full so we parked at the new shopping mall linked to PS, which I've forgotten the name! (What's the name of the mall huh?) 

Apparently, we got so many stares from passers-by, one angmoh even asked if we're sister cos we're wearing the same clothes! 

Hmm, very weird meh? I find it very cute mah! Hahaha 

Marble Slab's waffle! Niceeee! 

Our shopping loot! Haha 

Balloon siao! She always/only ask for balloon whenever we're out cos she always see someone taking! Got this mini one for her @ Spotlight for $1.75!!! 

Jiejie refused to tag along becos again, she has her own program!

This Meimei ah, really same as me. Shopping can curb hunger one! She never complain hungry at all! Aiyo! 

Alright, gonna zzz now, need to wake up at 6+am tomorrow, hur hur! 


  1. 母女装 Not weird at all looks nice on you and cute on mei mei both so pretty the hair clip very cute.(*^﹏^*)

  2. may i ask, where did you get the 母女装? it's very sweet. :)

    1. I got it separately at different place/time wor and it was few years ago. Mine at Jurong Point and the girl's one at T3 (but i think the shop has vanished already). Thank you!


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