Friday, August 9, 2013

Welcome to the family!

Baby Lerswen! (It's pronounce as "Ler Xuan"!) I've forgotten how small a new born is, until I saw her just now. 

Mel said she looks like Chloe's baby time. To me hor, all babies look the same leh. When people (always) say, "oh, her mouth look like mother, nose look like father" (just giving example, cos I've heard lots of such comments), I usually keep quiet cos I don't know how to see. I won't act like a pro and comment on things I don't know lah! 

The baby shower was held at CSC, the same place Aliza held her son's first birthday. 

A candid shot; Heppi 48th Birthday, Singapore! 

(I've the Singapore tattoos but ZY forbade us to put! His reason: 7th month don't anyhow stick! Gosh!) 

Spot Mickey & Minnie! <3 

She was on cloud nine, despite being very very sleepy already. Yes, she kept yawning on our way there.


Surrounded by many korkors & jiejies! She was literally being protected, so I can sit down, eat, talk & take photos in peace. 

Raeann didn't go cos she got her own program ok! Haha! Think she's enjoying herself at Pasir Ris now, with Ethan & my cousins. I allowed her to choose where she wanna go lah & she choose to go out with them. 

People always tell me, "Cherish the time they stick to u. When they grow older & got their own programs, you want them to follow you also hard ah!". 

(Well, it's happening already, lolol!) 

I don't think I'm those very possessive kind of parent, whereby I want my kids to stick with me all the way till I die kind. Those type of parents are very insecure, I think? 

Baby - toddlers = play, eat & sleep only! Enjoy while it lasts, baby! She KO inside the car all the way till now. ZY said, "I've never seen her so tired before". 

Usually, she don't sleep during car rides one, unlike her pig sister! Over-played in her sleepy mode, so she's extremely tired now. 

Cousin called, Raeann's coming back soon! She said she misses us! Siao charbor sia! This morning before she left the house, kept kissing & kissing me on my face! Hahaha!

I'd prefer to spend my time on them, rather than money. ZY think & do otherwise. He always think that money is everything. He think that buying things for them (and not spending time with them) is the best way of doting them. 

That day he said, "next time papa buy car for you all lah". I shocked & asked, "what car?! Real car ah?!" He replied, "ah bo, toy car meh!". I jitao said, "siao, don't spoil them lidat can anot! Let them buy themselves please! If cannot afford, take public transports!". 

With such a father, I hope they won't develop any 公主病 and expect everyone to give in & wait on them!!! I can't tolerate one lor!!! 

Sorry but I ain't queen & they aren't princesses! 


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