Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yummy Thai Food Discovery

Jer discovered this little Thai Muslim food stall at the Pasar malam below Pioneer MRT, just beside the kopitiam. 
That day, we dabao-ed back once already & we kept raving about it so my mum said she wanna try, asked if I got go Pasar malam anot! 

Thus, deliberately made a trip there to dabao many many food for the whole family! <3 

The owner is very nice, he saw Meimei walking around, made her foot and shoes damn dirty (due to wet mud), he quickly took out a chair to let Meimei sit! 

P/S : Long long long queue! 

Tom Yum Fried Rice

Chicken Basil Rice
Tom Yum Soup
Their Tom Yum fried rice is quite good, Chicken Basil rice & Mango sticky rice also not bad. But their Tom Yum soup ok ok nia! 

When it comes to buying food home, I've this bad habit & I just realised that Jer has this habit too! 

We love to buy many many different types of food, but we only eat a little of each! =X

My mum grumbled, said she has to help me clear the balance food, always. And she grows fat! Hahaha 

Sigh, I wanna scream when I stand on the weighing machine after dinner just now. Instead of losing that freaking 1kg, I putted on another 0.7kg, fml! 

It's really high time for me to go on diet NOW. Time to quit snackings! 


  1. I just live behind the pasam malam and I think I went to their stall until she knows me already.

    I like their basil chicken that has a strong fragrant of the basil. I've eaten at some restaurant which the smell of the basil is totally non-existence at all, so I quite like their version and cheap somemore! Their thai mango salad also not bad.

    1. Omg, so there's someone who agrees that their food is yummy too! Yes yes and cheap!

      The basil rice is okay but I don't like the leaf, is that basil?? Hahaha!

  2. Yes, the leaf.

    I tried their tom yam fried rice today, indeed quite nice.


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