Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheryl's da bomb Bachelorette Party

Date : 27th September 2013, Friday
Venue : Clarke Quay


Deliberately went to search & buy the sash and activity cards then rushed home to freshen myself up before Cheryl & bf came to pick me up! Cheryl's bf sent us to town! Gam xia ah~

Mum accidentally brought the kids home before I left the house! I had to sneak out like a burglar sia, lolol!

My first ever hens night with sabotages BUT the bride-to-be is super steady and lucky lah! Cos she need not waste much effort to do all her tasks, men just kept flocking around her, asking to take photos with her!!!

Can't help it lah cos she's soooo chio! ^.^

Friday, September 27, 2013

A date with myself!

Morning people! I've a date with me, myself & I alone today (again) at SNEC while waiting for my dad's op to be done!

Really hor, no idea is I sway or what lor, everytime I bring my dad here, they always make me wait SUPER LONG. But for that 1-2 times when Bo brought him, everything will be done in less than 2 hours!  

Why? Lawrence why? Like to see my pekchek face issit??? 

The op is at 1130am, we were told to reach at 10am but we reached at 9:30am (traffic was quite smooth), and everything will complete at around 2pm!!!! Serious!!! What am I gonna do these few hours??? 

Should/can I go back first and come back later? 

Anyway, tonight I've a very important & happening party to attend!! 

Cheryl's Bachelorette Party 

(Happens too soon, more than one month before her wedding day!)

I was being ordered NOT TO DRIVE, nobody's allowed to drive!!! 

About one month ago, I was being added into a chat group where I know nobody, to plan and discuss how to sabo the bride!!! 

I told them I'll only be in charge of taking photos and videos cos I've no idea how to sabo the bride? Cos, it's my first hens night that includes sabotaging the bride!!! All the hens night I've attended before (including mine) were quiet & peaceful with only alcohols & liquors! 

But tonight, heh heh, they came up with plenty of daring games & more games! I reckon it will be super fun & full of laughters!!! So so so excited about it! Kekekeke 

Cheryl tagged all of us this on fb last night...

"Will tomorrow be the last day of friendship? LOL"

Just talking about this makes me so awake and high liao! Lolol

Can't wait...

P/S : Hope my phone batt can dong till at least 2pm! Gonna go walk around now otherwise I can't stop using my phone!! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Any chao ta remedy?

Alright, I'll be on leave these two days (and 1 week from Oct 11) to look after the kiddos.

My aunt's going for her spine operation in Oct, really really pray that everything goes well and smooth for her! Hope she will recover & get very well soon after her op! 

Honestly, I cannot decide if I like working or be a stay-at-home-do-nothing mother more.

I enjoyed staying at home, sending/picking the kids, feed them & etc cos I get to sleep when I put Meimei to nap. But the problem is, no income! I hate asking people for allowance!!

That's why I need to work! Work to survive, work to eat, work to shop, work to live a better life! 

But I really felt an accomplishment when I pick my girls from school today and they smiled so widely the moment they saw me! 

Raeann kept thanking me today, thank me for picking her up, thank me for buying & preparing her dinner, thank me for buying her books, thank me for giving her some math questions to practice, thank me for giving her a small eraser as reward when she got all her math questions right & etc. 

I'm happy that she don't take all these little things for granted, even though she always make me angry!!! 

Oh btw, I need recommendations for kids' whitening lotion!!! My god, all of us got so chao ta now, I regretted not buying/applying any sunblock before the swim!! :( 

I don't mind the kids being more tanned actually. Raeann is fine cos she's fair by nature (like me) so her tan is brown kind of tan. But Meimei hor, she became black instead, like Indian, lol. 

She was fair when she was a baby, but getting darker as she grows! Think she inherited her skin tone from ZY! 

But I'm okay one hor! When people say she's dark, I won't get agitated nor defensive hor. Anyway, I call her "or lu lu mei" now! Lol

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Staycation Sept' 2013 ♥ Hard Rock Hotel RWS

Date : 20th - 22nd September 2013

A brief summary of what we did!

20th September 2013
  • Noon - Swim + Beer by the Pool
  • Evening - Dinner @ Singapore Seafood Republic ($88 Groupon deal - 2 thumbs up!)
21st September 2013
  • Morning - Breakfast + Candylicious Shopping
  • Noon - Swim + Beer by the Pool
  • Late Noon - S.E.A Aquarium (Waste of time and $) + Candylicious Shopping (again!)
  • Evening - Dinner @ Aston (but no photos cos forgot to bring camera!)
22nd September 2013
  • Morning - Buffet Breakfast
  • Late Morning - Home Sweet Home

20th - Day ONE

The most important people in my life!

(Before we leave the house, mummy left for HDY on that day too!)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Raechelle turns TWO ~ Celebration @ Little Learners

Part I : Goodie Bags

Colorful pencils from Popular, animals pencil toppers bought separately.

My Melody non woven bags from Party Jewels

Jiejie helped to pack the goodie bags during her Sept' holiday!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

T i r e d 。D i e 。Me

We're back homeeeee, like finally! We went with 4 bags, came back with about 10 big + small bags! OMG! Can't believe it myself either! I never buy anything at all leh!!!

I'm really really really very very very exhausted. The kids woke up at 7:45am (luckily not 6am ah), brought them for buffet breakfast downstairs. Then went back to hotel, bathed the 3 of them, packed everything & checked out around 11+am.

Back home, unpacked everything immediately. Cos I know I'll be lazy later, tomorrow, the day after tomorow, lol. 

Meimei's napping now. Need to bathe then check out the two kiddos downstairs! Nobody's at home, Mary's off today!! 

Ok bye! 

Edited : 10:20pm 

Our mini party with Pizza Hut & KFC just ended. Well, that's like the simplest way to settle a meal, we're all very tired & lazy! 

The kiddos, omg, they have soooooo much energy when it comes to PLAY. And they can repeat playing the same thing over and over again!!! 

But poor Meimei kept getting casted aside cos they said she's too young!!! Meimei complained to me, "他们不要跟我玩" with her tu-tu 嘴, omg, ultimate cuteness! 

These two girls really like BESTEST FRIENDS now. Eat, play, bathe, sleep & nap together. 

Just imagine... Alexis is one who can play till forget to eat & refused to nap kind of kid, but under Raeann's influence, she can eat as much as her & sleep as much as her too! Lolol 

Peer influence mah? HAHAHAHA

When I was bathing them after their dinner just now, Alexis asked if she can stay here tonight or not! Hahaha 

And she calls me "mummy" like Raeann, really BTH all these cheeky fellows!!

Shag to the max now. But I'm quite impressed with myself actually. I cooked, bathed & handled 3 kiddos all alone today! This ZY never bother at all, jitao sleep all the way till dinner time. 

I deserved a pat on my shoulder hor?? Hahaha! 

Gonna crash soon. Miss my mummy! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sick + Chao ta!

This short staycation should be the most fun, most budget, most crazy & the most tired one.

Everyone's happy, especially the kids, Meimei has been laughing non stop since we stepped in here! 

But I'M SUPER SICK NOW! Got slightly better yesterday actually, went for a swim and beer, then it got worse. Took medicine & woke up better the next day, then went swimming and beer again, lolol. 我自找的! 

But well, what's fun without some beer right??? 

PY & Alexis came today (they bought birthday presents for the kiddos), had some fun in the swimming pool (two days under the hot sun, all of us are chao ta now) then went to the boring S.E.A Aquarium. I think is boring, and crowded, even though no queue at all at the entrance. Totally not worth $38? (Child $28) It's just like another Under Waterworld, albeit a bigger one! But the idea of squeezing through crowds to take photos just turned me off. And maybe, I was sick & tired too! 

Candid shot by PY! Pardon my very rough position. This is me, I'm very chor lor one, not gentle at all, haha! Not that all my friends don't know! 

Look at my two toned skin! Gosh, didn't realise at all until I saw this photo! I'll only turn RED, really like cooked lobster kind of red. This is not the worst actually. I tried to tan myself when I was around 17 years old, but failed. (Cos I felt tan will make me look slimmer & tone?) 

XS & hamster came to join us for dinner & gave the two kids angbao! So paiseh!!

I don't want to do a party for the kids cos I don't want my friends to waste money to buy presents or give angbaos! 

Merely asking them to bring their kiddos to come and play so that the kids won't bother us when they have friends to play with. And we can have some catch up!

Anyway, Alexis stayed here with us, sleeping with Raeann now! 

I'm so tired liao! I need to bathe and KO too! Nights all! :) 

P/S : Just made plan with XS and they're coming to my place tomorrow evening to have a small party! ^.^ 

Friday, September 20, 2013


Set alarm at 6:30am, wanting to wake up earlier to prepare & blow my hair, lolol. But I insanely woke up at 5:22am, don't know for what??? Just suddenly open my eyes and tot it's already 6+am! Gosh

Wanted to sleep back but can't, so I woke up to fill the kids' water bottles, do the last minute packing, walk here walk there and now, going to bathe. Hahaha 

It's okay, I hope I can have a little nap later, hope so! 

Very excited about Meimei's birthday celebration later. Oh yes, it's her actual birthday today!! 

2 years passed, not easy, neither too difficult, I really enjoyed this journey! Thankful for all the love showered on her.

Happy Birthday, my little baby girl. Be happy today & forever! I'm sure you will love and enjoy every single bits today! You must cos Mummy took many efforts to prepare everything! Thank you for every little happiness you brought to my life! :) 

Collected her cake last night! It's so pretty, I can't even. Just a sneak preview of it, will blog about everything with more photos when I'm back from the staycation! 

Meanwhile, just read back on my old posts lor! Good morning, world! ^.^

Edited : 8am

All ready to go! Yippie!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

(NEW) BaByliss Big Hair Styler

Thanks Eling for tweeting about the "Tried and Tested" video by Shu An 1-2 weeks back. I clicked to watch and found out about this amazing hair styler! Then, I went to my "usual hangout" to search for this hair styler, found it and it's so much cheaper!!! (Informed Eling and she bought it too! Sometimes, I think I'm a bad friend, cos I always make people spend money! I think a few more friends on my FB also bought it after I posted there! =X) I bought it at $80+ and I thought it's damn cheap liao! But who knows Qoo10 is having Time Sale for it now at $79.90 only!!! WTH

(Click on the above link to find out more/purchase!)

Placed order on 12th Sept and received it yesterday; 19th Sept...

I did a short video last night, a very non-professional one though.

I've no idea why my hair become brown again!!!

This morning, I anyhow blew it for 5 minutes cos I was rushing for time liao! Look at the little curls, love it! Not difficult to use for my hair length and it's amazingly light! Looks heavy to me due to it's size but it's really light!!! Never regret buying it!!! Gonna bring it to RWS to let PY try! 

I'm not paid to do this review hor, just wanna introduce good stuffs to my readers! ^.^

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How do you pack your luggage?

Packing the bag halfway and this thought suddenly strikes me...

"How do people pack their luggage?"

In the past, before I've kid(s), I'll always pack my luggage more than one week before whenever I'm going for a holiday. I'll just leave the bag there and throw something in when I suddenly remember.

But I often missed out stuffs, forgot this forgot that. My absent minded has been with me for a long time, it just got worse after I became a mum. 

So now, I've come out with an idea, and after doing this, I've not missed out a single thing before for my past few trips. Which is...

By doing a checklist, planning & listing out what clothes to bring for which day (that's just an estimate though, I might wear different ones on different days), how many sets of this and that & etc. 

P/S : Just a scribble note, as long as you can understand. 

And one or two days before the trip, I'll dig and pack everything in, done! Chop chop & no headache! 

You know, kids are damn troublesome, when you missed out something, you'll be in deep shit cos sometimes stuffs they can get used to cannot be found easily overseas! 

And I really really hate running around to search for the things I forgot to bring. 

(There was once I purposely don't bring toothbrush & toothpaste to HDY cos I thought hotel will definitely provide. If they don't, I'm sure nearby mini mart got sell. But I was very wrong lor! I had to walk so damn far, just to buy it!) 

This method certainly works very well for me, anyone else using this method too? I'm curious, how do you pack your luggage? Don't mind sharing with me? Maybe your method is much easier then I'll use yours in future!!!

(Well, I dislike packing luggage but I hate unpacking luggages more!!! Always go with one, back home with 2-3 or even more!) 

Go buy chicken lah!!!

HAHAHAHA, I posted this deal on my FB few hours ago and PY whatsapped me to ask me what issit about... I explained to her and 1 min later, she replied, "tmd, i buy liao, you made me buy chicken on Qoo10". LOLOL

Well, I only share nice deal/stuffs with people lor; things that I felt worth to spend money on. And this is worth, I think.

Apart from their yummy intro...

This customer's review tempted me the most!!! LOOK AT THE CHICKEN!!!

Furthermore, it's on Time Sale at only $9.90 now! WTH, tell me worth anot lah! I don't believe you won't get tempted after clicking on the above link. 

Nah, I didn't feel better today. In fact, it's worse than yesterday. Feel so sleepy and teary eyes for the whole day, cannot concentrate at all when driving around just now. However, my uncomfortable-ness didn't stop me from shopping, oops! Actually, I felt slightly better after shopping!!! Lol

I think...

I'm falling sick!!!

Woke up with a sore throat this morning & now + flu and sneezing non stop! 

(Probably ate too much heaty food these few days! My 2 bros took turn to dabao BBQ wings, BBQ stingray, satay & ice kacang home for supper on these two consecutive nights! We're like having a party when my dad's oversea! Poor Bo has to get tortured by him! Lol)

Not at this time please, even though I keep saying that I wish I can fall sick! (I've not fall sick for a very long time, my body machiam steel now! Must be the powerful confinement I had during Meimei's, so grateful to Aunty! ^.^) 

But I'm going for a staycation with my little family on Friday & there's a celebration for Raechelle in her school that very morning. And then, we intended to bring them for a swim & sand play after checking in the room. Going for a seafood feast at night cos I bought the coupon deal... 

(Never think much when I saw this deal, just buy then call & do a reservation. Done! I didn't calculate if it's worth or not lah!) 

Beside all that, I've already arranged with PY to bring our kiddos to S.E.A Aquarium on the next day morning! We're so anticipating it lor!!! 


Just popped a paracetamol pill (cos I can't find any others) & I really pray for a miracle - all these stupid illnesses will disappear when I wake up tomorrow. 

Get well soon to me! Good night! :) 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Vita Green :: Vita Hair

Sponsored Review  

If you're a regular reader of this blog, I'm sure you've already know about Vita Green, Cos I've done a review about Vita Green Lingzhi few months ago.

And today, I'm here to review about another fantastic product by Vita Green, which was just launched in Singapore and was SOLD OUT for 2 months upon launch in Hong Kong!!!

Hereby introducing...

Vita Hair :: Herbal formula to halt hair loss and greying.

Improves blood circulation and nutrient supply to the hair follicles, regulates hormones and strengthens the kidneys to restore colour and thickness to thin, greying hair.

You know what's my first though when i was invited to blog about it?

"I bet the men will be interested"


Photo Credit: Yahoo! Image Search

Was just telling Jer last week, that I wondered why are most of my male friends balding after 30 years old? Most = 8 out of 10, I kid you not. I'm not laughing at them but just puzzled why it only happens to my male friends, I didn't see any female friends balding leh? Or maybe I'm not observant enough? *shrug* I'm not kpo lah, I usually don't bother about other's stuffs unless they tell me about it. Or unless it's too obvious not to notice, just like the above photo! Or...

Photo credit: Yahoo! Image Search

Come to think of it, I was guilty of naming my past Audit lecturer "barcode 头" becos his hair looked exactly like the above photo. And he has the habit of sweeping and sweeping his hair to the side during the lesson. Damn irritating! I think he hates me cos I dislike his boring lessons (Audit is all about fucking theory, I hate it!) and I never pay attention in his class, at all. But I guess I've got my karma already cos I've to re-take his exam, once. I failed, lolol! Waste my time and money lor! 

Hair loss and graying are seen as signs of aging, yet frequently they can strike in early adulthood. Hair growth is affected by our hormones, which can be easily upset by factors such as menopause or pregnancy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, deficiencies in the blood can also take a heavy toll on hair’s health.

I guess I'm one of the lucky one who didn't face any hair loss problem after pregnancy. Or maybe I did, but my hair is too much till I've no idea it's dropping. I don't care (about it NOW) anyway.

Western medicine offers no real answers, but fortunately there is a safe, reliable and effective alternative. Vita Hair helps to halt hair loss and graying of the hair with a blend of potent herbs formulated according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These improve nutritional supply to the hair follicles, regulate hormones and strengthen the kidneys.

Vita Hair can also restore graying hair to its original color by stimulating the cells that produce pigmentation. Since even healthy hair grows very slowly, it is recommended you take Vita Hair continuously for three to six months in order to see an improvement.

Vita Hair's Ingredients : Fleece Flower, Lingzhi (Reishi), Mohanlian, Roucongrong, Nuzhenzi, Guijia or Guiban, Chinese Angelica or Dong Quai, Tusizi, Niuxi

It is tested and proven by this guy - Sammy, which I've no idea who is he? LOL! Is he an HK actor? 

Who cares right? As long as it works! Even if you're not facing any hair loss problem but would like to have black luxurious hair, you can take Vita Hair too! Furthermore, Vita Hair is beneficial to your health (helps to strengthen the kidneys), 100% natural, no side-effects & suitable for all. So, why not?

Well, I've given the 3 bottles to my mum cos I don't need it (yet) lah! My hair is very black and thick liao. Oh yes, they're very generous to sponsor me 3 months supply of Vita Hair. Thank you Vita Green and Elfaine! :)


I published this post on 6th August 13, the day when my mum started taking Vita Hair. And during last Saturday - 14th September 13, she happily feedback to me that HER HAIR REALLY GROW and she's not the only one who think so, even her regular hairdresser also said so!!! (She was skeptical about it at first!) 

Result visible in just one month, Vita Hair is incredible!!! =D

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Heyi's Wedding ♥ 15th September 2013

Venue : Amara Singapore

Well, I became an aunt at a very young age, me & my cousins' age gap are quite huge, all becos one of my aunt married real young, at 18!

So, today is my nephew's big day! If I'm not wrong, he's 26 this year! If they have kids, I'll be the kid's grand aunt, omg, sounds damn old can! 

This is my #lotd! Very long never do such thick & full makeup already! Anyhow blew the hair myself cos in a rush liao (Raeann refused to wake up from her nap lah). Decided not to clip up my hair in the end. 

(It's just a shadow, I did not over-shade! I started to appreciate my fat face now becos skinny face looks old and haggard! #truestory)

With my two girls!! I tried to make myself look as less formal as possible!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

Hello, cover up your panty please... 

Wearing her jiejie's clothes & she love wearing accessories!! Like mother like daughter, VAINPOT!

Dined here before years ago, with XS & hamster! Decided to go there with Ling & the kiddos since I've exceeded my monthly quota (Cheryl's hens night @ end of this month!) and I can't go out alone (with friends but without the kids) this month liao!