Friday, September 20, 2013


Set alarm at 6:30am, wanting to wake up earlier to prepare & blow my hair, lolol. But I insanely woke up at 5:22am, don't know for what??? Just suddenly open my eyes and tot it's already 6+am! Gosh

Wanted to sleep back but can't, so I woke up to fill the kids' water bottles, do the last minute packing, walk here walk there and now, going to bathe. Hahaha 

It's okay, I hope I can have a little nap later, hope so! 

Very excited about Meimei's birthday celebration later. Oh yes, it's her actual birthday today!! 

2 years passed, not easy, neither too difficult, I really enjoyed this journey! Thankful for all the love showered on her.

Happy Birthday, my little baby girl. Be happy today & forever! I'm sure you will love and enjoy every single bits today! You must cos Mummy took many efforts to prepare everything! Thank you for every little happiness you brought to my life! :) 

Collected her cake last night! It's so pretty, I can't even. Just a sneak preview of it, will blog about everything with more photos when I'm back from the staycation! 

Meanwhile, just read back on my old posts lor! Good morning, world! ^.^

Edited : 8am

All ready to go! Yippie!!


  1. Happy 2nd birthday to your little princess.. wish her 身体健康 快高长大 happy always.. (*^﹏^*)

  2. Happy Birthday to Raechelle! Stay pretty, healthy always!~


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