Friday, September 27, 2013

A date with myself!

Morning people! I've a date with me, myself & I alone today (again) at SNEC while waiting for my dad's op to be done!

Really hor, no idea is I sway or what lor, everytime I bring my dad here, they always make me wait SUPER LONG. But for that 1-2 times when Bo brought him, everything will be done in less than 2 hours!  

Why? Lawrence why? Like to see my pekchek face issit??? 

The op is at 1130am, we were told to reach at 10am but we reached at 9:30am (traffic was quite smooth), and everything will complete at around 2pm!!!! Serious!!! What am I gonna do these few hours??? 

Should/can I go back first and come back later? 

Anyway, tonight I've a very important & happening party to attend!! 

Cheryl's Bachelorette Party 

(Happens too soon, more than one month before her wedding day!)

I was being ordered NOT TO DRIVE, nobody's allowed to drive!!! 

About one month ago, I was being added into a chat group where I know nobody, to plan and discuss how to sabo the bride!!! 

I told them I'll only be in charge of taking photos and videos cos I've no idea how to sabo the bride? Cos, it's my first hens night that includes sabotaging the bride!!! All the hens night I've attended before (including mine) were quiet & peaceful with only alcohols & liquors! 

But tonight, heh heh, they came up with plenty of daring games & more games! I reckon it will be super fun & full of laughters!!! So so so excited about it! Kekekeke 

Cheryl tagged all of us this on fb last night...

"Will tomorrow be the last day of friendship? LOL"

Just talking about this makes me so awake and high liao! Lolol

Can't wait...

P/S : Hope my phone batt can dong till at least 2pm! Gonna go walk around now otherwise I can't stop using my phone!! 

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