Sunday, September 8, 2013

A simple 家 affair!

True blue Singaporean! I also lidat but my hp no batt! =X 

Dinner + a little shopping with thy family yesterday! Spot the mini 风飞飞! 

After the kids zzz, late night shopping for today's food with the husband & Bo! And today, I managed to sleep till 自然醒, very shiok! All thanks to my parents, bro & SIL, they brought the kiddos to the market! 

Raeann requested for this "sexy lips" filter! 

So nua, just feel like slacking at home! Had wanted to plan a BBQ yesterday & invite 1-2 friends over! But I'm too lazy, to entertain!! Started our dinner like 5:30pm, hahaha! So much food! 

These are some of the usual food we always have for steamboat at home! Very standard, so when we go & buy, we all know what to get! 

Full die all of us!!! 

The kids have their own space too! Now I truly understand why people always ask me to have at least 2 kids. Cos everything they do, they won't be lonely! It's nice when they don't fight lah! 

The husband brought the kids to the market to choose a little cake for themselves to cut together! To make them happy! Kids never failed to get gaga over birthday cakes! 

My September babies! Last year, they celebrated together on this date too! Didn't deliberately planned it, just nice cos it's a Sunday! 

Raeann blew out the cake first, so ZY lighted it again to let Meimei blow! 

Too short to blow cos she was sitting down, hahaha! 

Okay, done! And they're happy! They fought after that cos Meimei almost smashed the whole cake! Raeann got so angry & hit her! Sigh

But she apologised after knowing Meimei didn't do it deliberately! 

Fight & made up, that's what family are! Very thankful cos I get to stay & celebrate every occasions with my family! 

Thanks all of them for their presence & presents! :)

Gonna watch my favourite movie <那些年,我们一起追的女孩> on TV now! Still loving it after so long! 

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