Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Any chao ta remedy?

Alright, I'll be on leave these two days (and 1 week from Oct 11) to look after the kiddos.

My aunt's going for her spine operation in Oct, really really pray that everything goes well and smooth for her! Hope she will recover & get very well soon after her op! 

Honestly, I cannot decide if I like working or be a stay-at-home-do-nothing mother more.

I enjoyed staying at home, sending/picking the kids, feed them & etc cos I get to sleep when I put Meimei to nap. But the problem is, no income! I hate asking people for allowance!!

That's why I need to work! Work to survive, work to eat, work to shop, work to live a better life! 

But I really felt an accomplishment when I pick my girls from school today and they smiled so widely the moment they saw me! 

Raeann kept thanking me today, thank me for picking her up, thank me for buying & preparing her dinner, thank me for buying her books, thank me for giving her some math questions to practice, thank me for giving her a small eraser as reward when she got all her math questions right & etc. 

I'm happy that she don't take all these little things for granted, even though she always make me angry!!! 

Oh btw, I need recommendations for kids' whitening lotion!!! My god, all of us got so chao ta now, I regretted not buying/applying any sunblock before the swim!! :( 

I don't mind the kids being more tanned actually. Raeann is fine cos she's fair by nature (like me) so her tan is brown kind of tan. But Meimei hor, she became black instead, like Indian, lol. 

She was fair when she was a baby, but getting darker as she grows! Think she inherited her skin tone from ZY! 

But I'm okay one hor! When people say she's dark, I won't get agitated nor defensive hor. Anyway, I call her "or lu lu mei" now! Lol


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