Friday, September 6, 2013

Barbie Live! We're coming!!!


Thank you Nuffnang & the event organiser for the tickets, just nice cos it's Raeann's actual birthday! =D

I turned down the offer initially as the time/date was buay gum & I can't make it. They were so nice to arrange another 2 more timings/dates for me to choose! Can't be thankful enough for everything! :)

Hope the two rascals will behave and enjoy themselves! Lol, ZY asked, "why never bring me along?" Hahahahaha

Wooohooo! Anybody else will be there at this time slot? Say hello okay! Heehee! So excited cos I've only seen toy & watched cartoon Barbie dolls (since I was a child) before and I get a chance to watch it Live now!! 

About the show
The stage is about to get a makeover! See Barbie™ live on stage in this all-new musical production filled with contemporary and energetic song and dance. Set on a Hollywood soundstage, Barbie™ is shooting her latest film with her best friend and co-star Teresa™. When Teresa™ doubts herself, Barbie™ uses the lessons learned from her Princess movies - - Swan Lake, Princess and the Popstar, and Mariposa & The Fairy Princess - - to teach her best friend to be brave, believe in herself, and embrace the power of true friendship. Join Barbie™, Ken™ and their friends as they ‘get their sparkle on’ in this dance-inspired musical that is sure to engage fans of all ages.

Com'on Barbie, let's go party, ah ah ah...

No idea where to bring your kids to during this coming one week school holiday? A great idea for you now! One good chance to revive your childhood fantasy too!

Click here to find out more/book your tickets now! Wait no further cos the show is gonna end soon...

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