Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Big sized Raechelle

Does this dress looks familiar??? Bro bought this dress for Raeann (from Europe) for his wedding, which happened 3 years ago when Raeann was about 3 years 1 month old. 

So now, Meimei at 1 year 11 months old, she can wear it already and it fitted perfectly! More often than not, she was being mistaken as a 3 years old kid! 

Okay, she's long, even when she was inside my tummy, there was no space for her to move at all. My tummy was so tight till it seemed like it gonna burst anytime. 52cm at birth, I wonder how sucha long baby can fit inside this shortie mummy! 

My aunt said she can eat and eat and eat lor! Oh noooo...

Time really passes too fast, I'm really scare!

Please grow up well & good, my two little ones. 


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