Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello, how's my pose? People said I'm always posing the same, so I tried a different pose today. My armpit nice or not??? Teeheehee

Went to pray my ah ma & ah gong this morning, it's a routine for us to go during every 7th month, besides the usual 清明! Anyway, they're going to shift to Mandai soon cos, read this as I'm too lazy to explain. I'd prefer Mount Vernon though cos it's peaceful and quiet! My ah ma has been staying in this "private property" since 1995. 

ZY read the news and told me about it (I don't know why did he tell me leh?), I told him that my ah ma is there, asked him if he wanna go with us anot! He went lah, first time they "met" each other! LOL! (I always say ah ma becos I never see my ah gong before. He passed away when my mum was 7 years old!)

I told him that I wanna complain to my ah ma that he always bully me, hahahaha! No lah, he didn't, I'm very fierce and protective of myself now, he has no chance to! 

Hope my ah ma & ah gong will bless ALL their off springs lah! :)

Next up, food of cos!!! No, I've not forgotten about my fish soup diet plan lah...

They used to be a small stall inside a hawker center!

Now, they have their own shop!

They're located at Blk 147 Silat Avenue. 

However, we all felt that it doesn't taste as good as last time!

I ordered these with laksa gravy without any rice, noodles or whatever. 

But I cannot finish lor, so the husband finished it up for me. He said, "Wah lau, I rubbish bin meh? Everytime also lidat! Then complain that I'm fat!" So i told him, "No lah, you're very skinny today!" HAHAHAHAHAHA

And since we're nearby, ZY sent me to collect the vouchers from TNAP as well! (Thank you TNAP, once again!) A good good start for the month of September!! Keep coming, thank you in advance! ♥ 

Many important birthdays coming! Looking forward! 

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