Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheryl's da bomb Bachelorette Party

Date : 27th September 2013, Friday
Venue : Clarke Quay


Deliberately went to search & buy the sash and activity cards then rushed home to freshen myself up before Cheryl & bf came to pick me up! Cheryl's bf sent us to town! Gam xia ah~

Mum accidentally brought the kids home before I left the house! I had to sneak out like a burglar sia, lolol!

My first ever hens night with sabotages BUT the bride-to-be is super steady and lucky lah! Cos she need not waste much effort to do all her tasks, men just kept flocking around her, asking to take photos with her!!!

Can't help it lah cos she's soooo chio! ^.^

The beautiful basket done by Nora, filled with tasks for her to do, activity cards is just an "extra", just in case they run out of idea! And yes, it did 派上用场!!! 

Made sooooo many new friends from Island wide! :)

(I wanted to change my clothes de lor, but my mum came back with the kids suddenly so I just sneaked out of the house asap! SO DAMN STUFFY wearing long sleeve leh! And oh, Babyliss is amazing lah, Cheryl said she went to buy too after she saw my post on FB! ^.^)

Everyone was made to wear a ribbon.

Even the males!!! LOLOL

Sidetrack : Damn lor, I hiao, wore my new heels and it made my feet hurt like a bitch, fucking painful!!! Should have just wore my Havaianas like them!!! Luckily I never overdress cos all of them dressed really 随便!!! 

This heels really 好看没有用!!! So pretty but damn uncomfy!! (Cheap though, $24.66 from ASOS!) From 6+pm to 3+am, omg, 9 hours!!! Anyway, I damaged it already, time to cast it aside!

And we start the games rolling now...

Task no. 1; she was supposed to be blind folded and then pin the leaf onto one guy. The actual detail of the task, I'm not sure! 


Haha this guy was reluctant at first, he said, "Why me?? 你是在怎我吗?" Lolol!

Still steady after all, not bad!

2nd task, she has to sing a love song to one guy! This guy ran away damn fast after she sang, without taking any photo, hahaha! Cheryl too much feeling already lah!

Then these two people popped out of nowhere, wanted to take photo with Cheryl. So might as well do task no. 3! 

Pearly's special, hahahah! Pearly was supposed to come up with one task but she never!

She asked him to "do whatever he wants to Cheryl", hahahahahahahah! That's when the activity cards came in handy! 

Cheryl was asked to pinch the guy's butt, lolol. But photos came out distorted so I'm not gonna post! Well, I do filter what I post on my blog/FB becos after all, it's not my own face, some people do not like it. If it's very close friends, okay lah, but if it involves people whom are just friends, then I will think twice. 

Out of nowhere, this group of (drunk) people came to grab Cheryl to take photo! Very scary sia! She tio-ed many times for the whole night!!! Didn't expect Clarke Quay to be so crowded at night! More of tourists though...

I forgot if this was a to-do-task or just some stranger offering her a drink!

There were still friends who were on their way, so we sat down for a drink to delay the sabotages, so they can join in the fun as well! Cheryl just can't wait to get it completed once & for all! (I just can't wait to sit down cos of the fucking pain on my feet!)

This Pearly ah, I really BTH her, she never failed to make me laughed till stomach cramp every single time I met her! She's so super funny I swear, full of craps & funny actions. Damn slim but can eat ALOT! Told her that I see her I'll feel very happy! Lolol! Think anyone who met her will feel happy too!

More funny tasks next but it's 4+am now. I need to sleep liao and thus I'll continue this post after I've sorted out all the photos yeah!

Someone's bachelor night too and he came to approach Cheryl. 

顺便 do another task lor! 

This wasn't exactly what she was asked to do, but somehow similar lah!

Next up, the most MIND BLOWING TASK, take photos with 5 topless men!!!

This really made everyone around, including many strangers, cheered and whistled loudly. Nora was saying, should have put 10 instead of 5, hahahahahaha! I asked her to just give one task instead, which is to take photo with 50 topless men, lolol.

Next task; collect 6 name cards from 6 men. Which we thought is easy but turned out to be the most difficult task. 

And then hor, this drunk man from opposite came over and offer a drink or something?





Met siao lang again...

What's next???

Supposed to be alcohol, not water!!!

Supposed to be piggyback but the guy asked if he could carry her instead. The other one offered to DANCE, took a video but we don't exactly know what he was doing leh? Serious! 

See this funny Pearly lah! She was very nice to change her Havaianas with me but I see her walk till very slow so I wanted to change back. But she refused... We ended up with one each, so funny lor!!! (Still pose and ask me take photos! LOL)

Alright, ALL 10 tasks completed already. I really salute Cheryl's braveness and sportiness. I don't think I'll dare to do it unless I'm high? LOL! (Thanks Cheryl for the chance to experience sucha funny and daring Bachelorette Party! At least now I can say, I've joined one super fun Bachelorette Party before, which not only involves alcohols & liquors!!! That's boring yo! =X)  

Mingled around for a long time before we decide to have supper and drinks at Hooters! Saw my ex bf's sis there! She was very nice to treat us to fries and gave us discount! Thank you, D! ;)

This is really very very addictive, just like what they state on their menu. Fried pickles!!! 

I must admit OLD liao leh. Just one night and I concussed my whole Saturday away!!! I wasn't drunk, nobody's drunk, not even the bride-to-be lor. So what the hell did I do to make myself so tired huh? *shrug*

Kinda shocked when my friends (note that it's not only one) messaged me and asked if I am at Clarke Quay that night!! I did post up photos on FB but I didn't state any location leh. And hor, I seldom go there one, so I was shock how they know I was there. They said they guessed only. Hahaha! 


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.