Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Daiso Shopping + FIL's Birthday

Went to IMM twice today - lunch & dinner time. Lunch cos need to go bank & do some TT, dinner cos it's my FIL's birthday! 

Picked Meimei up early (Raeann went office with me!), then went Daiso to shop while waiting for the rest to come! 

My god! Daiso is a place where you will buy plenty of pretty & cute stuffs, some are really redundant that you don't even need it, at all. Are you one of the victim, like me? *ahem*

Playing around with all their Halloween stuffs, they have LOTS of it! The kiddos wanted to get one hat-hairband each. $2, okay lah! 

Some of their stuffs are damn worth it, some are not, but shoppers like us have the tenancy to grab everything that we like (even it's of no use or not worth) becos we will think "it's cheap, $2 only!" 

Here are some of the loots I grabbed... 

This is damn good! I bought one recently (and using it now), so ZY asked me to buy one more to stock up! (I remember buying a similar one at a certain kid's store and it cost about $10!) Parents reading this, you know what to do huh... 

Pretty & handy calculator! Becos it's pretty! Hanor hanor!

Cute Japanese angbao! Becos it's cute, and I've this hobby of buying cute angbaos, don't know why. I've aplenty of it! 

Little Twin Star ear pick! Can't get enough of Sanrio stuffs!!! 

And many many more of stationery, the kids' & ZY's stuffs... 

Simply love dressing them up in same clothes! But pocket hole will get bigger too cos need to buy two sets/pairs for one design. But when you've two kids of the same gender, you won't think so much, JUST BUY!

Very very hard to get them to take a proper photo together!! Blessed ILS, so many grandchildren! I'm sure many old folks will think so too! 

Yummy ice cream cake! 

Just received this photo from my SIL, no idea what was she doing/thinking?

After dinner, we went to Daiso again!! Hahaha 

Just reached home not long ago and I'm dead tired already. Old liao, need to rest more! 

Happy Birthday to my FIL, wishing him longevity & good health always! 

Okay, need to sleep now, bringing the kids to MBS tomorrow morning! God bless me!


  1. I also love to shop at diaso.. always $2 and full of new things to discover there.. always wanna buy few items there but end up buy alot ^^

    1. Hanor hanor. Always end up buy alot! They're smart!!!


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