Sunday, September 1, 2013

Diet week!

 I've decided...

To have ONLY plain fish soup for lunch for entire next week, w.e.f today!!! 

Walao eh, feel so sad to see my entire body growing, even my boobs! Sianzz! 

Anyway, this came inside August Black Box...

I'm drinking it now, it tasted like any normal tea, 不难喝!!! 

PY sent me this photo this morning, they brought the kids for swimming. These two crazy girls woke up at 6+am to start playing! LOL

Raeann's coming back soon lah, ZY's on his way to pick her up! 24 孝爸爸, he said he's very sad yesterday cos his daughter don't wanna come back and accompany him! =.= CRAPS sia, as if when she's around, he spent alot of time with her lidat!!! 

I bet Raeann will keep pestering me to bring her there to stay again!!! 

Air fryer experiment! Healthy cos no oil!!!

Ok bye, gonna put Meimei to nap now! :)


They are back! Raeann jitao KO inside the car till now... Can see how exhausted she is!!! Lol

ZY bought plenty of dim sums back!!! He said he deliberately bought this (and popiah) for me cos he knows I like it! Walao, how to go on diet lidat!!! I think he thinks that I'm too skinny for him so he tried ways and means to MAKE ME FAT!!!



  1. May I know how's the air-flyer? Does the food taste too dry?

  2. Replies
    1. Lol, tasted about the same leh! But sotong balls don't look as appetizing as oil fried.

  3. Aiyo!!! i didn't receive the black box for 2 months !!!1 they forgets me!!!! Think i need to register again! :((((

    1. I think must follow their FB also. I'm not sure cos this Black Box was sent to my blog one, not personal...


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