Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Go buy chicken lah!!!

HAHAHAHA, I posted this deal on my FB few hours ago and PY whatsapped me to ask me what issit about... I explained to her and 1 min later, she replied, "tmd, i buy liao, you made me buy chicken on Qoo10". LOLOL

Well, I only share nice deal/stuffs with people lor; things that I felt worth to spend money on. And this is worth, I think.

Apart from their yummy intro...

This customer's review tempted me the most!!! LOOK AT THE CHICKEN!!!

Furthermore, it's on Time Sale at only $9.90 now! WTH, tell me worth anot lah! I don't believe you won't get tempted after clicking on the above link. 

Nah, I didn't feel better today. In fact, it's worse than yesterday. Feel so sleepy and teary eyes for the whole day, cannot concentrate at all when driving around just now. However, my uncomfortable-ness didn't stop me from shopping, oops! Actually, I felt slightly better after shopping!!! Lol

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