Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How do you pack your luggage?

Packing the bag halfway and this thought suddenly strikes me...

"How do people pack their luggage?"

In the past, before I've kid(s), I'll always pack my luggage more than one week before whenever I'm going for a holiday. I'll just leave the bag there and throw something in when I suddenly remember.

But I often missed out stuffs, forgot this forgot that. My absent minded has been with me for a long time, it just got worse after I became a mum. 

So now, I've come out with an idea, and after doing this, I've not missed out a single thing before for my past few trips. Which is...

By doing a checklist, planning & listing out what clothes to bring for which day (that's just an estimate though, I might wear different ones on different days), how many sets of this and that & etc. 

P/S : Just a scribble note, as long as you can understand. 

And one or two days before the trip, I'll dig and pack everything in, done! Chop chop & no headache! 

You know, kids are damn troublesome, when you missed out something, you'll be in deep shit cos sometimes stuffs they can get used to cannot be found easily overseas! 

And I really really hate running around to search for the things I forgot to bring. 

(There was once I purposely don't bring toothbrush & toothpaste to HDY cos I thought hotel will definitely provide. If they don't, I'm sure nearby mini mart got sell. But I was very wrong lor! I had to walk so damn far, just to buy it!) 

This method certainly works very well for me, anyone else using this method too? I'm curious, how do you pack your luggage? Don't mind sharing with me? Maybe your method is much easier then I'll use yours in future!!!

(Well, I dislike packing luggage but I hate unpacking luggages more!!! Always go with one, back home with 2-3 or even more!) 


  1. I packed my DD - (1 onesie + 1 pyjamas + 5 diapers)thats per day... and times the no of days im out. I always got 2 extra clothings and 2 diapers, towel / handkerchief and diaper cream and baby johnson travel bath kit in my bag. Luckily her stuffs are small enough else I need to carry extra luggage. .. not any easier than when im single. Haha.

    My dd is 5 mths

    1. Wah 5 mths old even more stuffs to bring !!! Cannot imagine if were to go for 1 week, how big the luggage will be!!!

  2. I dont write a list, coz i'm lazy! I just look at the itinerary for the day. Example Day 1 - i will plan what to wear from day to night (Sleepwear), prepare the set of clothings including underwears and the same for my child. If we go to places like the beach or pool then i will picture the stuffs i need in my mind like extra clothes after bath or swimming costume. So is like packing on day-to-day basis. After i have all the clothes selected i sort into my luggage. And i will always include extra 1-2 sets of clothes + underwear just in case and cardigans. Lastly i will pack all the toiletries. And i always get those travel pouch to put clothes. Can squeeze a lot of clothes inside and save a lot of space! I went on a 3 day trip and managed to pack all my 3 yr-old's clothes in a pouch.

    1. Damn pro sia! I don't know how to squeeze, so everytime my luggage damn fat and huge cos I just dump everything inside. Okay, maybe I should learn from you too, thank you for your suggestion!!! :)


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