Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I think...

I'm falling sick!!!

Woke up with a sore throat this morning & now + flu and sneezing non stop! 

(Probably ate too much heaty food these few days! My 2 bros took turn to dabao BBQ wings, BBQ stingray, satay & ice kacang home for supper on these two consecutive nights! We're like having a party when my dad's oversea! Poor Bo has to get tortured by him! Lol)

Not at this time please, even though I keep saying that I wish I can fall sick! (I've not fall sick for a very long time, my body machiam steel now! Must be the powerful confinement I had during Meimei's, so grateful to Aunty! ^.^) 

But I'm going for a staycation with my little family on Friday & there's a celebration for Raechelle in her school that very morning. And then, we intended to bring them for a swim & sand play after checking in the room. Going for a seafood feast at night cos I bought the coupon deal... 

(Never think much when I saw this deal, just buy then call & do a reservation. Done! I didn't calculate if it's worth or not lah!) 

Beside all that, I've already arranged with PY to bring our kiddos to S.E.A Aquarium on the next day morning! We're so anticipating it lor!!! 


Just popped a paracetamol pill (cos I can't find any others) & I really pray for a miracle - all these stupid illnesses will disappear when I wake up tomorrow. 

Get well soon to me! Good night! :) 

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